Friday, October 3, 2014

Release Day Review: Flavor of Regret (A Grim Reaper Prequel) by Sarah J Carr


Today Flavor of Regret is releasing, the prequel to Sarah's new series; The Grim Reaper Series. I can barely WAIT to read her first full length novel!!

As always, Sarah is having a fabulous FB party, make sure to drop by HERE. There are LOADS of prices and fun games!!!

Persephone is a Grim Reaper, she’s one of the best in Chicago. Working for Lucifer himself isn’t always as fun as people might think, and Persephone is keeping secrets of her own; one of her targets have eluded her for years, putting a black mark on her score and professional pride.

After a disastrous night out on the job where everything that wasn’t supposed to happen, did happen, Persephone is now forced to face it all, including her master.

As usual, Sarah grabs you with her writing and her story refuses to let you go, even after you’ve closed the book. Flavor of Regret is no different; it’s filled with EVERYTHING you want and need and expect from Sarah – and trust me…. When it comes to Sarah’s writing, I expect A LOT by now ;-) And somehow she manages to surprise me over and over again.

Flavor of Regret is a fresh of breath air and I loved how she incorporated the Grim Reapers into a dark and seductive world where a kiss could mean the end of everything. Persephone is a devil in disguise, quirky, hardworking and tend to bend the rules now and then. But Persephone isn’t the only one we met here; Jackson, who really have a taste for danger and really should listen to what others say just once in a while, Lucifer himself, someone you just can’t tame but sure would like to try, Target #73 and Harlow.

If you love Sarah’s JackRabbit7 series, I am certain you will enjoy her new Grim Reaper Series as well. Flavor of Regret is a great start to this series and it gives us everything that we have come to expect from Sarah; cliffhangers, suspension, cursing (from the reader), joy, twisted and awesome characters, plot twists you didn’t see coming. All sprinkled with just a nip of hope and love.

Sephone is experienced, assertive, and one of Seattle’s top Grim Reapers. Walking the streets of the city and snuffing lives isn’t a glamorous job though. For years, target number seventy-three has eluded Sephone, leaving her an object of discussion around the proverbial water cooler.
Late one night, Sephone’s bounty hunter friend, Jackson, reveals that he found seventy-three. While Sephone’s guard is down, Jackson witnesses a crime he shouldn't have seen. Can Sephone keep her cool before her job as a Grim kisses her good night?

You can buy Flavor of Regret HERE

Sarah Jayne Carr is a novelist who can be found most evenings with a cup of tea in-hand and her imagination racing from plot to plot. When away from her work, part of her mind is constantly brainstorming her next story and she always has writing paraphernalia within reach.

She wrote stories as a child, but became more serious about her passion during her twenties. In her spare time, she likes to read, splash in mud puddles, smell bookstores and eat Honeycrisp apples. Yearly, she participates in NaNoWriMo and has mentored others through the program. Due to her dedication to National Novel Writing Month, she is part of an amazing writing group.

Born and raised in Washington State, Sarah still resides in the area. Her life is richly filled with her supportive, yet swashbuckling husband and their golden Nugget.

You can find Sarah here:

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