Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Author Take Over: Ginger LaBouche, Hot Ink Press Author

Hi Guys!
Author Take Overs are back again, and this week I am happy to introduce the lovely and amazing new Hot Ink Press Author; Ginger LaBouche.
Please giver Ginger a warm welcome and be sure to not only check out the smoking hit excerpt, but also her links, so you can find and follow her! :-D
Also, Ginger is releasing her first novel October 11. make sure to drop by her Facebook party for games, fun and LOADS of awesome prizes!!

Welcome to Lusty Charms, located in the heart of Desire.
Ren Sparks has finally found a home in Desire. It’s a small paranormal town where she runs a successful shop of love and lust charms, surrounded by good friends, and just so happens to be the head witch!  Life couldn’t be better. Except, she is cursed from the one thing she desires most…love.
In walks Slade.  He’s a werewolf that not only captures her heart, but fills her with such lustful need that she can't wait to get him in her bed. Sparks fly and the heat rises when they are in the same room.  Meanwhile, trouble is brewing in town. The mayor is killed and Ren is tasked with finding the killer. When everything points to her, she must rush to find the truth. Is Ren being set up?  Is Slade the one to finally break the curse?

Ginger LaBouche loves to write naughty little stories that bite. She believes that everyone has a naughty side. Her debut series is of course all about love and the paranormal. They all take place in the mysterious town of Desire. All the inhabitants are paranormal. The first story will Debut in October. Ginger is a hopeless romantic and writes that way.
When she isn't writing she is horseback riding, visiting haunted locations, and traveling new places. One of her hobbies is going to old graveyards and finding new characters for her stories. One of her goals in life is to live like a gypsy and travel the country in an RV.
 She lives in Western Washington and loves to play out in the rain. Umbrellas tend to attack her so she always wears hoodies.

You can find Ginger here:

"Welcome to Lusty Charms, what can I help you with today," I asked as I entered the main part of my shop. Then stopped in my tracks, when I saw who was there.
"Good morning, Ren," Asher said. His voice was as smooth and sweet as chocolate. I could listen to him talk for hours. That was my experience with most alpha werewolves. He was one of the sexiest I'd met.
He always got my blood going, even though he was off limits. It was hard not to be attracted to the blond haired brown-eyed piece of werewolf candy. Today, though, I was more focused on his companion. It was another werewolf, any witch worth her weight could tell that. He wasn't one known to me though. If it was possible, he was even more delicious looking than Asher, and I had this urge to lick him. He was about an inch taller than the alpha, who was about six foot, and broader in the chest. Like most wolves, his body rippled with muscle. I could feel the magic coming off of him. My tongue came out and ran over my lips on its own accord.
Asher cleared his throat to get my attention, and it was then I realized I'd been drooling over his companion. I'd be embarrassed, but I could feel the stranger's eyes on me as well. The electricity in the room was palatable. Getting a piece of him just went to the top of my to-do list. It didn't matter who he was.
"I'd like to introduce Slade, he is visiting my pack for a while. He's assisting with a little inter-pack issue. Slade, this is our head witch, Ren. As you can tell from her shop she specializes in love and lust magic," Asher said.
He had a slight smirk on his face like he knew I was undressing his guest with my mind. It was a custom to introduce any visitors to all the council. This insured that we would know who was who in town. It kept the balance of power and all that. Normally, I didn't give a rat’s ass, but in this case, damn, what a yummy visitor.

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