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Author Take Over: David R. Bennett, author of The Crimson Clan

Hello, I am taking over this site for today. My name is David R Bennett. I am the author of The Crimson Clan and the forthcoming sequel, Cry of the Wolf. I live in the Houston, Texas area of the United States in a small town called Spring.


I am a big fan of the freaky, the strange, and the weird. Many would say that my taste in books is rather eclectic. I like anything form Young Adult to Mystery to Action / Adventure to Romance (at times) to Paranormal to Sci-Fi to Fantasy.


My inspiration comes from all sorts of novels, movies, comic books, and TV shows that I have read or seen. These include Batman, Superman, X-Men, Twilight, Grisham, Crichton, Rowling, Tron, Star Wars, Star Trek, Babylon 5, Doctor Who, and many more.


As a child I was also an avid player of Role-Playing Games and to an extent still am with video games on my iPhone. On that had a large influence on my tastes was Dungeons and Dragons. It was a lead in on my taste for Fantasy.


Now as to how I write a novel. Sometimes, I am able to come up with an idea and jot it down as other ideas for subsequent novels hit as well. Other times, I just need to sit and start writing. With The Crimson Clan, which was NOT its original title, I started by sitting down to write. I knew I wanted a strong character who would be a teenager and an unintentional leader. But I did not want to copy anything that has happened before.


I thought with the original title of Destiny Phoenix and the Crimson Clan that it would sound to people like a paranormal knock-off of the Harry Potter series. And by no means did I want that stigma. That is why I shortened the title to just The Crimson Clan.


But as for the lead character, Destiny; why a girl and not a boy? The funny thing came to my mind was that I wanted a strong character who would not resemble anyone else. However, I wanted to stretch my chops as well. So I decided to use some of my favorite movie monsters in a way that may not have been shown before. Thus the Crimson Clan was born.


Also, I wanted a unique monster slayer as well. Destiny, unknown to her until this book, is an angel born of human flesh. She is, also, able to access the memories of her ancestors. When certain situations emerge, an ancestor of Destiny’s comes along to help her. The first ancestors to help her are her mother, her maternal grandmother, and maternal great-great-grandmother.


I let the story flow on its own as I write so that there is no boredom as I write the book. I see the story flowing as one would be seeing a movie. I can see every scene for the first time as I type it into the computer.


If I am luck as I am with most of the Destiny Phoenix Saga, I have the blurb essentially a beginning and the ending possibilities. What I chose for the exact ending I may not know until halfway through the novel, as what happened with Cry of the Wolf. That’s when I begin to tie the current story in a way to reach the ending I have chosen.


Then, of course it’s off to the editor. And when I get it back I fix any errors and send it back for approval. The last thing done is formatting for publishing and the addition of a preview from the next novel.


I have been enjoying writing this series. Destiny Phoenix is vastly becoming one of my most favorite characters that I have ever written. I get to know her better every day. And the additional characters from the novels will spin off a few companion pieces as well.


Also, I have been selected to be featured on Ultimate YA Reading Groups Blog on tumblr for the month of September.


You can find all the links to buy either The Crimson Clan or Cry of the Wolf by going to these links:


Also, you can see my feature for September at:


And come check out my site at:

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ARC Review: Fairies in My Fireplace by R.L. Naquin

We first met the wonderful, charming and quirky wedding planner Zoey in Monster in My Closet, where she was dealing with a lot in her life. Not only did she and her business partner (and BFF) have to plan The Wedding of the year – Councilwoman Alma Dickson daughter was getting married – but Zoey got a visit from a Monster Closet; Maurice. And to make matters worse… An incubus is in town, hunting. His ultimate target? Zoey. But not until he’s gone after each and every woman close to Zoey.

In Pooka in My Pantry, Zoey got her hands full… again. A Pooka comes waltzing into Zoey’s house, acts like it’s a Hotel – and forgets to wear pants (o.O) A Leprechaun Mafia is in Town targeting everyone with a hint of Hidden Blood in them, creatures starts to come to Zoey for help, secrets is being spilled and Zoey’s worst nightmare comes into reality when she realizes her mother’s disappearance years ago wasn’t what anyone thought it was.

Now in Fairies in My Fireplace, Zoey is back, with all of her friends; Maurice – the Closet Monster who loves to cook and clean (and is really, really good at it – can’t you persuade him to come by my home Rachel? Pretty Please?), Andrew and Milo – Zoey’s good friend, herbalist and his little fox, Sara – Zoey’s BFF and business Partner, Iris – Zoey’s bodyguard and a skunkape, not to forget Riley – a Reaper and Zoey’s boyfriend. And how can I forget all the new ones? A yeti, Djinn, Merman and a Mothman!

Things are looking more dire this time. The Hidden(magical creatures) are being targeted, they are disappearing. Nobody knows why. Not even Bernice who is the head of the Hidden Board (well, the only one LEFT) knows what is happening. All they know is that Hidden from all over the US is disappearing, including the Aegis. (The Aegis is a…   well, kinda of a caretaker for the Hidden. It’s where all the Hidden go when they need help.) Right now, Zoey is the ONLY functioning Aegis in the ENTIRE US. Can you guess what happens? Yup. Every Hidden creature that needs help in one way or another finds their way to Zoey’s soon very crowded home. But where do the Aegis go for help when she is attacked and her friends are kidnapped? Time is running short and Zoey is desperate to find her friends before it’s too late.

 I fell in love with Rachel’s Monster Haven Series from the first book; Monster in My Closet. I fell even harder when I read the sequel; Pooka  in My Pantry. Having just finished the third book in the series; Fairies in My Fireplace… I’m finding myself utterly engulfed by this amazing tale. I’m addicted, and PROUD of it. Opening a book written by Rachel is like stepping into a world you know and love, and yet nothing is the same. Something new is always happening, something different, and Rachel is sooo damn good at delivering everything you wanted and what you didn’t know you were looking for.

I have no words to describe Fairies in My Fireplace. I loved it. It broke my f*cking heart, and I still wouldn’t want it any other way. Each and every time I open a Monster Haven Series Book, I’m getting a new, a wonderful and absolutely amazing adventure. Fairies in My Fireplace is no different than the rest of the series, although this one is more emotional, more heartbreaking than the previous two. I still love it. It made me cry, made me smile, made my heart jump and made me want to reach into the book and hug them all… it was an amazing read. I loved Monster in My Closet, I really did, Pooka in My Pantry made me so furious (on the bad guys), made me laugh out loud several times, and I loved it even more than Monster in My Closet, and now… Fairies in My Fireplace is even better than Monster in MY Closet and Pooka in My Pantry. Believe it or not. I loved every second of this book and couldn’t put it down.

If you haven’t read this series, then you’re seriously missing out on a wonderful, amazing, freaking awesome adventure – and you really should get yourself a copy… like NOW!

About the Author:

Rachel is the author of the urban fantasy Monster Haven series from Carina Press. She believes in magic, the power of love, good cheese, lucky socks, and putting things off until stress gets them done faster at the last minute. Her home is Disneyland, despite her current location in Kansas.

Where to stalk find Rachel:

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Short Story Review: Ill-Conceived Magic by R.L. Naquin

What do you do when a baby is left on your doorstep? Normally, you would call the Police. That’s not an option for Zoey Donovan. Zoey is an Aegis, the protector and caretaker of the Hidden (magical creatures), and the baby sitting on her doorstep is definitely not human. Unless human babies started having sage skin and olive hair, complete with goat legs and two tiny horns . So, what to do?

The hunt is on for the little baby girls parents. Only when you’re trying to locate a beautiful little mixed girl parents, when both parties Family hates each other….  You’re into more trouble than planned for.

This is a sweet and cute little short story set in the world of the Monster Haven Series, right after Monster in My Closet. We see Zoey and Maurice wander off on their own little adventure, trying to find the parents to the little girl found on Zoey’s doorstep. But it isn’t as easy as one would think. The dryads will not accept her and the Satyrs… well, they’re being Satyrns.  I’m still having nightmares about the chase in the woods!! O_O I totally blame you Rachel!

I enjoyed Ill-conceived Magic. It’s a beautiful tale about love and what it can overcome… and transmonsterification. :-)  It gives us a few surprises, and it fits perfectly into the rest of the series.

Did I mention it’s free? No? Ups. (looks innocent)

Well it is. You can find it here:

 ENJOY! I know I did.

Want to know more about Fairies in My Fireplace, the third book in the Monster Haven Series? Then come by tomorrow for my review!

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Surprise Birthday Blast for D.T Dyllin with Giveaway!


Book one of the P.J. Stone Gates Trilogy
New Adult Paranormal Romance  
299 pages  
by D.T. Dyllin
For P.J. Stone, being a “Seer” who has never seen anything is less than fun. And P.J. isn’t known for her patience. To make matters worse, she must choose a suitable mate to continue the Seer bloodline. Duty always comes before her heart…at least that’s what her parents taught her. When she finds herself wanting someone who is considered off-limits, P.J. is forced to question everything she believes. As if navigating her love life isn’t complicated enough, P.J. finally receives a vision—of a threat to her world that only she can perceive. But no one will believe a fledgling Seer’s warnings. With nowhere else to turn, she may decide to trust a stranger with her life, her world, and maybe even her heart.
Book two of the P.J. Stone Gates Trilogy
New Adult Paranormal Romance
241 pages
P.J. Stone is a Seer who saw too little, too late. In the past, her biggest worries were boys and school—but war has a way of changing things. Now, the alien Riders are trying to overrun the world. As the last of their kind, P.J. and her friends must find a way to save humanity before there’s nothing left to save. After choosing a mate, P.J. hoped she'd have time to enjoy her love life. But with everything changing so quickly and major secrets revealed, who knows what the future will bring?
Book one of the Death Trilogy
Erotic Paranormal Romance  
307 pages
by D.T. Dyllin
Samantha Bevans is having the best sex of her life—but it's not with her husband. Fortunately for her marriage, the affair is all in her mind. Isn't it? As an empath, she senses other people's emotions. But her connection to the man with the the chiseled face and haunting eyes seems so real. There's no time for fantasies with a serial killer loose in Pittsburgh. The killer is targeting dancers at a strip club where Samantha used to bartend, back when drugs were the only cure for the torment of her abilities. As a member of a special task force, Samantha uses her talents to sense the victims’ final thoughts. Just when she thought the case was complex enough, she discovers one of the victims was thinking about her fantasy man when she died. Who can Samantha trust when she can’t trust her own mind? An empath feels the emotional environment around her…and Samantha is surrounded by death

About the Author
Cynical-Optimist. Chocolate-holic. Sarcasm Addict. Paranormal Believer. Self-Imposed Insomniac. Sci-Fi Geek. Animal Lover. Writer…are just a few words to describe D.T. Dyllin. She was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and now lives in Nashville, Tennessee with her husband and two very spoiled GSDs.

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Author Take Over: Sonya Loveday

Hello everyone! So it’s my day to take over…..muwahahaha!


First and foremost I’m a reader, an avid one. It is of that love that brought me to the realization that this was the answer to the nagging persistent feeling that ‘there’s got to be something more’.

The dream came alive in 2009 when I purchased my laptop and began the tedious step of becoming a published author.

When I’m not reading, I’m writing. When I’m not writing, I’m reading. And when I’m not doing either of those things I’m sleeping, shuttling my children back and forth to school, letting the dogs and cats in and out of the house for the umpteenth time in the last hour and dreaming of a clean house.


You can find me on Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads and Wordpress on the links below:


A few fun facts about me:


I LOVE coffee! My favorite is Kona….pure Kona. Unfortunately, the brand I used to get (Tully’s) is no longer made. Me and my Keurig are very upset.  


Don’t talk to me before my first cup of coffee…seriously, I can’t form a complete sentence and you’ll end up getting a dirty look while I grumble my way to the coffee pot.


I’m a night owl….I will stay up to read and then fight to stay awake in the morning. By now you’d think I would have learned by doing that-that mornings are not magical!


My favorite season is fall….I miss New England in the fall. The crisp air, the colors changing, leaves falling to the ground *sigh* and now I’m homesick.


I don’t listen to music when I write. Weird, I know, because I love music. But it’s distracting and I find myself paying more attention to the music and then I don’t get anything done.


I suck at getting my picture taken….for years I’ve hid behind the camera so I have a hard time not looking like a complete ass when I smile. It took like twenty plus pictures to get the above one right :/


I just published my debut novel Casted on July 30th and it still feels a little surreal to me at this point that I’ve actually published a book.




Amazon UK


Barnes & Noble


Print version is also available on Amazon or if you prefer, you can purchase a signed copy! Signed copies are $9.00 plus $3.00 shipping for US residents. To those who order signed copies through me I will also include a Casted bookmark as well!

Email me at or message me on my author page if you’re interested.


And last but certainly not least…..

I will be at Indie Girl Con!! What?!?!  Yep! Candace Knoebel, author of Born in Flames, Embracing the Flames and From the Embers (coming soon) are sharing a table at Indie Girl Con in Charleston, South Carolina on February 21st (my birthday) and February 22nd.  OH SNAP!  We’re working on getting my name on the site since Candace was the one who originally signed up for it. It’s in the works peeps! Go check out Indie Girl Con’s site here…go ahead I’ll wait……..


Did ya look?  Did you see how many ahhhhmazing authors will be there? Did I mention Abbi Glines will be there? Newbieauthorsaywhaaaat?  Yep….it’s gonna be epic! Not only Abbi Glines, but a whole bunch of amazing people will be stuffed in one room for two days. Okay so maybe not for a full two days, after all we need to sleep and shower….yes, definitely shower! So if you’re in the Charleston area, stop in and say hi!


That’s it for me….thanks for hanging out with me as I did my first official take over. Now I must plot to take over more….*insert evil queen laugh here*


Stop by my author Facebook page and say hi, feel free to send gifts such as Kona coffee or the winning lottery ticket or an all expense paid vacation to Europe, or…..oh, sorry and errrrr on that note…..Thanks for stopping in y’all!

Sabina: Thank you Sonya for stopping by on my new second home! And Sonya also gave me a little treat to share with you; her new Book Trailer!! YAY! Now take a look and see if you like it just as much as me! <3

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Author Take Over: Petronela Ungureanu - Guestpost


Are these Real Fairies?

Please welcome our newly wed Petronela Ungureanu! As she's been QUITE busy with her wedding, we talked and I found this article from her blog that I wanted to share with you. If you ant to see the entire post with all the beautiful pictures, please visit her blog;

One of the reasons I wake up every day is magic. When I say magic I include here fairies, elves, pixies, goblins, and mostly all the mythical creatures we find so often in Germanic, Irish and Norse mythology. I cannot explain why and how it got to me but yes I am a 33 year old lady who often indulges herself in idle woolgathering about fantasy creatures and mythical realms from far behind the skies.  To my fully astonishment I have recently discovered that Arthur Conan Doyle believed in fairies. Not only he believed in their existence but he actually wrote a book about them called “The coming of the fairies”  (1921). And that is how I found out that there are actual photographs of fairies from the beginning of the 20th century, taken with a Kodak camera of that time by two teenage girls in a little town in England called Cottingley.  Elsie Wright and Frances Griffiths claim to have experienced for several times impressing encounters with small shiny creatures whom they immediately befriended and engaged together in beautiful child games. real fairies, cottingley fairies Since the photographs caused quite a stir at the time they were subjected to complete and professional examinations by the Kodak technicians who apparently couldn’t find anything wrong with them declaring the pictures “genuine”.  Well I am not a lunatic, I am very interested in theosophy, but these pictures are a bit disappointing. I mean the fairies seem quite fetchy considering they lived beside a stream in the back of a garden; they have chic hairstyles and long fancy garments with flashy accessories. My opinion is that, if they really exist, they should look a lot better than some second hand hookers.

About Petronela:
I love elves, fairies and writing about them. I have just published my very first short story on Amazon and I am deliriously happy :). It is called "Lost in the Seven Worlds" and it is a magical romance :).

Cover Reveal: The Tempering by Adrianne James

Do I have a treat for you today!
Today it's Adrianne's COVER REVEAL for The Tempering!
First... A little about Adrienne herself.
Growing up, Adrianne couldn't get her hands on enough books to satisfy her need for the make believe. If she finished a novel and didn't have a new one ready and waiting for her, she began to create her own tales of magic and wonder. Now, as an adult, books still make up majority of her free time, and now her tales get written down to be shared with the world.

During the day, Adrianne uses her camera to capture life's stories for clients of all ages and at night, after her two children are tucked in bed; she devotes herself to her written work. Adrianne is living the life she always wanted, surrounded by art and beauty, the written word and a loving family.

As a young adult and new adult author, Adrianne James has plans to bring stories of growing characters, a little romance, and perhaps a little magic and mythology down the line for her readers to enjoy.
Where to stalk Adrianne:
About the book:
The Mythology department at prestigious Harvard University is tiny—and Mackenzie Duncan has just been selected as one of the lucky few. Her love for myths and legends is strong, but she never thought any of it could be real. 

After being attacked by a large wolf while walking home alone, Mackenzie realizes something is not right. She heals quickly, is suddenly super strong, and is experiencing mood swings that can't possibly be normal. The myths she's studying aren't myths at all. Werewolves are real and she's one of them. Fear of what she is, and who she might hurt sends Mackenzie running from the life she’s worked hard to build–and straight into the arms of a handsome Were named Geoff and into the home of his pack. Living with her new pack takes the edge off her confusion and self-loathing, but the arrival of new  members changes the dynamic, and tests Geoff and Mackenzie’s growing relationship. 

The hardest part of being a werewolf is having no control and no memory of her time as a blood thirsty beast. When a moon cycle passes and she actually remembers bits and pieces of the night, she starts to ask questions, and the more questions she asks, the more she realizes she doesn’t like the answers. Can she set aside her own sense of morals to belong to a pack that is like a family or will she leave everything behind yet again in search of a life she can be proud of?
Aaaannnd (drumroll, please)..... Here's the absolutely gorgeous cover!! It's been designed by Gonet Design. What do you think? Let me know. And sorry, but I DID try to enlarge the pic, but it wouldn't let me :-/

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Release Day: INK: Fine Lines by Bella Roccaforte



About the book:
Shay Baynes is a wanted woman: by the police for a double murder, by two rival suitors, and by the evil specter that haunts her dreams.

It’s her twenty-first birthday and she finally feels like she’s in charge, out on her own and about to hit it big with a new comic series. The ink's not even dry on her breakout first issue but even Shay's twisted imagination can't predict what will happen when the fine line between reality and nightmare is crossed...

She walked away once from the men who want to control her and now they’re back. But can she break away from them and the specter who walks right off the pages of her comic committing gruesome murders.

Buy Links:

About Bella Roccaforte:
Bella’s motto has always been that you can choose to watch life pass you by or your can be the one spinning the world. You have to get out and live, life won’t come to you!
Bella has always seen thing in the world with a different view and has been an avid story-teller. She is enjoying putting her crazy musings into print for others to enjoy.

Writing is just one of her passions. She also loves music, reading, but most of all spending time with her kiddos. She grew up in New England where her brother, sister and many nieces and nephews live. She has lived all over the country. She currently calls Atlanta, GA home.
To her, one of the most exciting parts of writing is getting a chance to interact with readers. It is truly her hope that readers will reach out and tell her what they like and even don’t like about her stories. She’s looking forward to a relationship with the readers to better write stories they will love.
Please feel free to connect with her via Facebook, Twitter, Email or her website!
Where to stalk Bella:

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Author Take Over: Christina Mercer, Author of Arrow of the Mist

Welcome to this blog's very first Author Take Over! YAY!! I'm proud to leave Today for Christina Mercer. Hope you enjoy!

Christina Mercer writes fiction for children and young adults. Her varied interests prompted her to study creative writing, earn a degree in Accounting, become a CPA, acquire a certificate in Herbal Studies, and take on beekeeping. She was a semi-finalist in the 2010 Amazon Breakout Novel Award Contest and she took Writer’s Best in Show at the 2012 SCBWI CA North/Central Regional Conference. She enjoys life in the Sierra foothills with her husband, two sons, four dogs, and about 100,000 honeybees.


In her Middle Grade/Young Adult Fantasy ARROW OF THE MIST terror strikes the Celtic inspired kingdom of Nemetona when barbed roots breach the land and poison woodsmen, including 15-year-old Lia’s beloved father. Lia embarks on a quest to the forbidden land of Brume to gather ingredients for the cure. She relies on her herbal wisdom and newfound gift as a tree mage through a land of soul-hungry shades, fabled creatures, and uncovered truths about her family.
This is from the beginning of the book

Nettles stung Lia’s flesh. She pressed her fingers against her mouth for relief. This is what I get for letting my thoughts wander. Grandma wouldn’t have been so careless while harvesting sting-leaf. She wouldn’t have let the villagers’ opinions prick at her mind, no matter how many called her mad for crafting remedies in the old ways. 
Koun whined and nudged Lia’s arm with his nose.  
“I’m all right, boy.” Lia gazed into her hound’s violet eyes and then turned her attention to the friendlier mallow plant. Its white flowers matched Koun’s coat and its leaves and roots promised a soothing balm for the nettle’s bite. She’d make another batch of salve for Da, too. He swore her “potions” kept his hands fit enough for hewing wood and soft enough for holding Ma. Her ma could use a bit more mallow infusion for her soaps, as well, and she’d take a bundle of clippings to Granda— 
Her thoughts scattered as Koun shot from the garden. Lia whirled around to the pair of horses charging up the path. She squinted in the dusky light and recognized Da’s friend, Kenneth, on one of the horses. Then her insides went cold. Across the other horse’s back lay Da’s limp body.
She dropped the harvested mallow and sped from her garden toward them. Ma’s scream shot like a bolt through her, but Kenneth’s words, “He’s alive,” offered Lia a morsel of hope.
Kenneth carried Da into the cottage, and Lia caught a glimpse of her father’s torn and bloodied clothing. “I’ll fetch Granda,” she cried, and hurried to her filly.  
Clad in her usual boy’s breeches and high leather boots, Lia raced her horse down the path with her heart pounding in rhythm to the hoof beats.
Where to find Christina:


Book Trailer:

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Blog Tour: Kiss Me In Paris by Kimberly Kinrade and Dmytry Karpov

Hello Lovelies, and welcome to my stop in the amazing Kiss Me In Paris Tour. :-D

First, let me tell you a little about these two wonderful authors:

Dmytry and Kimberly are the husband and wife writing team behind the KISS ME Series, Eye of Newt, Sunrise and Nightfall, Wanderlust, and The Fallen Series.

Kimberly is the award-winning, bestselling author of the New Adult paranormal romance series The Seduced Saga, the YA paranormal thriller/romance The Forbidden Trilogyand children's fantasy series The Three Lost Kids.

Dmytry writes fantasy—be it urban, dark or epic—is a musical composer, pianist, and designs books covers (exclusively for his wife's and their co-authored books).

They live with three little girls who think they're ninja princesses with super powers and who are also showing a propensity for telling tall tales and using the written word to weave stories of wonder and magic.

Become a member of the Street Team for Kimberly and Dmytry:
Where to find Kimberly:
Where to find Dmytry:
About Kiss Me In Paris:

When the city of love brings two lost souls together, only their darkest secrets can tear them apart.
Winter Deveaux tried love once. It didn't end well. Unable to open herself up to another heartbreak, she hides in her romance novels as she struggles to break out as a real author. She thinks Paris holds the answer to a new start, but when her nightmare follows her across the world, she's forced to face the darkness living like cancer inside her soul. If she doesn't, she might miss her chance to become the kind of writer she's always wanted to be. But more than that, she'll miss out on the greatest love she's ever known.
Cade Savage is heir to the largest ranching family in Texas. Part cowboy, part architect, Cade has his feet forever in two worlds. When he receives an acceptance letter from the school of his dreams, he must decide between family and destiny. But ghosts from his past still haunt him, and circumstances beyond his control may decide his fate.

When Winter and Cade meet, everything they believe about life, love and what it means to be happy is put to the test.

Will the magic of Paris pull these two lost souls together? Or will their darkest secrets tear them apart?

My Review:

Kiss Me in Paris is filled with drama, emotional rollercoasters, old, deep wounds, ancient hurt, family, hope and the magic of falling in love.
Winter and Cades story takes place in one of the most romantic cities in the world; Paris. Both are there for something different, and yet for the same; to follow their dreams. Cade wants to be an architect, Winter an author.
It took me a little while to get into Kiss Me In Paris. I’m not sure why. I’ve tried to figure it out, but it eludes me. Maybe I didn’t feel connected to them somehow… Anyhow..  Once the secrets begun to unravel – or at least was hinted at, it was my undoing. Not only could I relate to the characters, but now I could understand their reactions, their fears, and suddenly their journey was more clear to me. Now don’t get me wrong- the story wasn’t transparent, but I could see things differently, understand more the further I got into the story. It gripped me, not only do I like the way Kimberly and Dmytry writes, but I can relate to Winter and Cades pasts.
The romance in the story didn’t surprise me, it was just like I wanted it to be. No, it was Winter and Cades dark, secret, painful pasts that got to me. Without revealing too much, I can safely say; I LOVED the ending. Perfect.
Kimberly and Dmytry, thank you for a wonderful read, can’t wait to read more!
Tomorrow's stop is with KC Sprayberry :-)



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Under Construction

First and foremost, thank you for stopping by my new blog! I'm so happy to see you here!
Some of you might know me from my time at Dangerous Romance with Laurie, but for those of you who don't - let me tell you a little about myself:
I'm a book lover, blogger, wife, a mother to two adorable (and mischievous) children; Mathias (6Y) and Julie (2Y), and I'm studying to become a veterinarian. Oh... And I live in Denmark :-) In case you were wondering.
That's the short version! Stick around to get to know me - and my love for books, and the amazing authors who created them.
I believe in the magic in books. That every book has a new adventure, a new world to show us - if we're willing to open them, to listen, to be open minded.
I'm asking for one thing while you're on my blog. I understand that we all have different opinions - as we should have, but I will NOT tolerate hate, bashing or trashing authors, their books or other people here. We all have our own opinion on different topics, but please show some respect while here. If I find out you're doing it anyways, your comments WILL be deleted. Fair warning.   
Since I've just started, the page is still missing a few things, but everything should shortly be up and running - please be patient with me. :-)
Here in the end, I would like to say thank you for the visit (you can also find me on FB:, please come by again.
And least - but most important: I want to give a HUGE hug and shout THANK YOU to Penny (Penelope Bartotto),who helped me creating this awesome design for my new blog. NOVO YOU!!
Hope to see you again, for a new adventure, or two!