Monday, October 13, 2014

Review: Charms of Desire by Ginger LaBouche

The Town of Desire is a small all paranormal town, one of many that was build when paranormal creatures went public ten years ago. Ren Sparks moved into town a few years ago, mainly because she wanted to be with her own kind, and then there was a spot open as a head witch. Who could resist?

Well, of course not everything is perfect in the little town, and when their obnoxious mayor ends up cold on the streets, everyone is on their toes. Sure, nobody truly liked him, but it’s notoriously hard to kill a troll – even if you’re using magic. The magic says it’s Ren who did the deed, but did she do it?

There’s also the matter of the so secret throw down amongst the werewolves, and who is the new hunky wolf in town?

This is Ginger’s debut story, and to tell you the truth, I loved it. The different characters; Ren, Slade, Asher, Taffy and Rosemerry. Each of them brings something unique to the story and I can’t wait to get to know them better.

Ginger had me snickering at the witty dialogue, the snappy remarks and she made me hot with her sex scenes. Ren is a lady who likes a good romp in the hay and isn’t afraid to do it. But she also loves being in control.

There are several plots put into this story which makes it even better, and although it all gets resolved in the end, there are still open possibilities to explore more. I know I can hardly wait for the second book in this series, and I hope there will be many, many more to come!

Welcome to Lusty Charms, located in the heart of Desire.

Ren Sparks has finally found a home in Desire. It’s a small paranormal town where she runs a successful shop of love and lust charms, surrounded by good friends, and just so happens to be the head witch! Life couldn’t be better. Except, she is cursed from the one thing she desires most…love.

In walks Slade. He’s a werewolf that not only captures her heart, but fills her with such lustful need that she can't wait to get him in her bed. Sparks fly and the heat rises when they are in the same room. Meanwhile, trouble is brewing in town. The mayor is killed and Ren is tasked with finding the killer. When everything points to her, she must rush to find the truth. Is Ren being set up? Is Slade the one to finally break the curse?

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Ginger LaBouche loves to write naughty little stories that bite. She believes that everyone has a naughty side. Her debut series is of course all about love and the paranormal. They all take place in the mysterious town of Desire. All the inhabitants are paranormal. The first story will Debut in October. Ginger is a hopeless romantic and writes that way.
When she isn't writing she is horseback riding, visiting haunted locations, and traveling new places. One of her hobbies is going to old graveyards and finding new characters for her stories. One of her goals in life is to live like a gypsy and travel the country in an RV.
 She lives in Western Washington and loves to play out in the rain. Umbrellas tend to attack her so she always wears hoodies. 

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