Friday, February 13, 2015

Release Day Review: Blood of Shadows by Mariana Thorn

Hi guys!!!

I am SO darn happy today!! Why? Well...
1) it's Friday, the weekend is here.
2) My good friend Mariana Thorn is releasing her new book
3) It's Friday.... Wait.. I already said that, didn't I? Oh welll...

Today it is the big day for Mariana, and I am happy to say that I got an early ARC. Seriously? In case you don't get to the bottom of my review... I freaking love it. Period.

Sooo.... Below is my thoughts on Blood of Shadow and a little about the amazing woman behind the book; Mariana Thorn. Also make sure to drop by her Facebook Release Part event, I can guarantee that there will be loads of awesome prices and fun games!!! Drop by HERE.
Ok, I'm shutting up now. Almost.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!!