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Blog Tour: Review of If I Ever Fall by Sonya Loveday & Giveaway

It’s been a while since I’ve read a book. Now don’t get me wrong, I still read a lot but it’s mostly beta reads, and for editing. As much as I enjoy helping out my friends by beta reading, it also takes a lot to do it. You read it in a different way. So sitting down to read If Ever I Fall was a wonderful experience, I could read it from A to Z and remembered how fun it was to get lost in a book again.
There's a giveaway aaaaallll the way down, one copy of If I Ever Fall is up for grabs :-)

I’ll try and leave out spoilers from previous books as well.

If Ever I Fall is Aiden’s story. After everything that happened, Robert de Fleur is on Cole Enterprises' shit list.
Aiden, Greg and Nadia have set up an undercover office under a church in Scotland. Why? Well, de Fleur’s only family lives there.
Aiden’s mission is to get closer to the family without giving himself away. The best solution? Get a job in the Grounded Bean, Brenda’s (De Fleur’s sister) coffee shop.
Everything is going quietly right until Aiden, Maggie’s niece shows up. She’s home after been traveling for a while and with her all kinds of trouble follows.
Aiden now have to fight against the emotions Airen is awakening inside of him and his will to finish the mission he’s on.
In this book we also meet our old friends; Ace, Oliver, Eli, Josh, Grant and Nadia. Seeing some of the Six again is always wonderful, even though their comeback in this one is brief compared to The End Note.