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Review: Golem in My Glovebox (Monster Haven Series #4) by R.L Naquin

I fell in love with Zoey and Maurice in Monster in my Closet, where she found out that she is an empath and she saved her best friend from being drained by an incubus. Maurice is just Maurice, he’s a wonderful closet monster and I absolutely adore him!

The adventures continued in Pooka in my Pantry, where the Leprechaun mafia moves into town, and the only one who truly can stop them is… You guessed right; Zoey.

In Fairies in my Fireplace all hell breaks loose when secrets are being revealed every time Zoey turns around, not to forget as the only Aegis still standing (maybe even alive), any magical (hidden) creature seeks refuge at her doorstep. They’re being hunted, treated as curiosities and Zoey is their last defense. 

Through every Monster Haven book we have been treated to new characters and old loved ones. We’ve met new magical creatures, ranging from closets monsters, Reapers, Skunk-apes, Moth Man to brownies, fairies and Djinns – just to name a few. But more than that… Each Monster Haven book has made me smile, cry, laugh and more importantly; made me forget the world around me for a while. I get so caught up in these books, I forget everything around me.

In Golem in My Glovebox, Zoey is on a hunt; she’s hunting the mad person who has captured not only her mother, but every other Aegis as well. Her clues are grizzly breadcrumbs in shape of dead Aegises. Every time, Zoey hopes that it isn’t her mother lying somewhere.

So…. Riley and Zoey is on a different kind of road trip to save the Aegises, praying they won’t come too late. The Hidden Government is barely running, the teams that normally would help keep the Hidden… well, hidden, isn’t working anymore, and more secrets are rolling out of the closets. Because everything isn’t what is seems to be and maybe the one behind it all is closer to them than what they would like.

Rachel has created another wonderful and amazing book in her Monster Haven Series and I loved every page. It isn’t as emotional rough to read like Fairies in my Fireplace was, but it is a damn good book. It IS different from the other books, but it is still a wonderful book that fits perfectly into the Monster Haven Series. I know there are people that have been “complaining” that Golem in my Glovebox was too different, but to me it was everything I needed it to be. Rachel showed us that she isn’t afraid of changing the game, to take Zoey away from her comfort zone (maybe even Rachel’s own) and throw her into something new. That takes guts. But it’s also a necessity to keep the series alive and exciting. I love how Rachel made Zoey question certain things in this book, how she had to use everything in her, only to risk lose it all in the end anyway. I am excited to see where the next Monster Haven will take me, because the way things ended, I am curious to see if Zoey (and everyone else) can adapt to the new situation, and what there will happen with Zoey and Riley. Can I have Demon in my Driveway now? Please?

A bit of warning though…. You HAVE to read this series in order. If you jump directly to Golem in my Glovebox before reading any of the previous books, you’ll find it harder to keep up. You can do it, sure. But you will lose a journey and all those delicious clues and amazing pages of writing. You really don’t want to do that. So if you’re new to the Monster Haven Series – start with Monster in my Closet and prepare yourself to be swept away! I know I did, and still do every single time I open a new book.

In her role as Aegis, Zoey Donovan has rescued and cared for hundreds of monsters and mythical creatures. Now humans are the ones in need of her help. Someone with a personal vendetta against the Board of Hidden Affairs has kidnapped all the other Aegises in the country--including Zoey's mother.

With the Hidden government in shambles and a string of deadly clues to follow, Zoey and her reaper boyfriend set out on a cross-country chase to stop the kidnapper from killing the captured Aegises. Along the way, they pick up a miniature golem who's on a quest to find his humanity...and may be the key to solving the grisly clues.

If Zoey succeeds in defeating this new evil, she'll finally be reunited with the mother she lost over twenty years ago. But if she fails, she'll become the final victim.

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Rachel is the author of the urban fantasy Monster Haven series from Carina Press. She believes in magic, the power of love, good cheese, lucky socks, and putting things off until stress gets them done faster at the last minute. Her home is Disneyland, despite her current location in Kansas.

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