Author Take Over

Once a week (usually every Wednesday) I will have an Author Take Over.
So... What IS an Author Take Over?
Anything, really. It is YOUR day as an author. To make the Readers know you're there, let them know a little more about you and your book(s).
Here's a few things - the list is far from complete:
  • Interview (with you or one of your characters)
  • Play List
  • Guest Posts
  • Spotlight
  • Giveaways
  • Excerpts
  • Deleted Scenes/behind the scene
I do ask of you that no matter which post you choose to make - make it personal. Put something of you in there. Otherwise the desired effect (people reading it, getting to know you and your book(s), WILL be limited.
If you have a Release Date, Cover Reveal, Flash Sale ect you want to promote, contact me, and we'll figure it out :-)

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