Link Love

Here I will give you the links for different authors and blogs that I love. Why not spread the love! :-D
They're set in no particular order.

Sarah J. Carr (JackRabbit7 Series):

Kait Ballenger (The Execution Underground Series):

Sonya Loveday (The Casted Series & The Six Series):

Candace Knoebel (Born in Flames Series & The Night Watchmen Series):  

Mariana Thorn(Fur, Fangs and Fairies & Skylar Wolfe):

Lisa Shearin (Raine Benares Series & The SPI Files):

Komali Da Silva (The Dawn Trilogy):

The Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing:

Vamptasy Publishing:

Hot Ink Press:

Felicia Starr:

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