Thursday, October 31, 2013

Author Take Over: Jodie Pierce - The Vampire Queen

The Vampire Queen has a sub-theme of bisexual love and hate woven within the storyline. Sure, it briefly explains the turning of The Count. The Countess was in love with him at one the time and wanted to save his life after he was brutally mugged and left within an inch of his life, something she didn’t remember this awakening. It was one of many things she had to relearn. She is awoken every one-hundred years to live for as long as she sees fit or until she gets bored (more like the latter). She is very strong-willed and is often a challenge for The Count each time she arises with amnesia.

                             This time around, The Count enlisted the help of a beautiful bodyguard, Kendra. She dressed like a “warrior woman” according to The Countess, though she was striking with long, straight black hair, big green eyes and peach-kissed lips. They did not, however, start things off on the right foot. The Countess did not like being told what she could or could not do and definitely not by someone beneath her. She did everything in her power to make Kendra feel uncomfortable, unwelcome and unappreciated. She even went so far as to throw temper-tantrums.

                             One day, The Countess softened and saw Kendra for the woman she was after much training and spending one-on-one time with her. She decided to have a “girls’ night out” and went shopping. They didn’t tell The Count, bought lots of clothes, had a pajama party and slept in the same bed that night though nothing sexual happened. The Count was none too pleased and started to worry incessantly. He brought in a sexy Latin man who swept Kendra away for two days and in that time, The Countess’ castle was attacked by ‘The Others’, the evil vampires. For centuries, they have been trying to get The Countess to come over to their side so they can create Armies to control the world. The invaded every event The Countess attended and attempted to make life difficult for her. The Count deduced that Kendra was the mole that reported The Countess’ actions to ‘The Others’. He had a panic room built for her without Kendra’s knowledge. The Countess, however, refused to believe it as she had started to fall in love with Kendra. Once The Count pieced it together for her, The Countess was devastated. Enraged she placed Kendra in the castle with a spell that trapped her there with a constant food supply for the rest of her immortal life. 

The Countess and The Count moved across the sea but she was unhappy. She finally decided to make amends with Kendra, if she’d have her. When she found Kendra, she looked like a wild beast and the castle was torn to shreds. After many hours of talking, the two women made up and decided to go to Venice where a young coven was looking for a leader…

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