Friday, December 13, 2013

Book Tour & Review: Skin Deep by Megan D.Martin

Keira’s been through hell and back, and got the freaking t-shirt to prove she survived. Now she is scarred for life, in more ways than one, and hides herself away from everyone by wearing thick layers of clothes and staying in her apartment – unless she is working.

One night her friends (the only two she has); Maryline and Darla help Keira getting her biggest wish; a perfect, slim, and beautiful body. By using the magic of a gypsy, there’s only one, tiny hang-up. Keira can’t have sex – ever. If she does, she will get her old body back faster than Bambi loses his footing on the ice.

But what happens when two very lonely souls met each other under circumstances far from ideal, both need each other, but have a hard time forgiving their own pasts to see what’s right in front of them?

I truly enjoyed reading Skin Deep, and thought it was hilarious, heart breaking, steamy, frustrating and truthful.

Cain is a…. uhmm… well, he’s a player. He drinks, smokes, eats and have sex. Not necessarily in that order btw. As soon as he gets what he wants from the flavor of the hour, he’s already moving on, forgetting her name, even her face. When he runs into Keira and she turns him down, he is SHOCKED. Nobody has ever turned him down. Ever. At the same time, the tables are truly turned on him, because he starts running AFTER Keira. It is HILARIOUS to see how Cain is utterly confused by this, he even tries to explain it with different things, even when the truth stares him right in the face. I have to say though… More than once, I wanted to slap the shit out of him for the way he behaved.

I can understand Keira and her fear, her pain. I understand her completely. I like how she changes in this book, from being insecure, to accepting and believing. To see her beginning to believe in love, and dare to hope again. Wow. A m a z I n g.

And then we have the twins; Blaise and Sparcc, their commander; Ryder and the Muse; Ren. Each and everyone are fascinating, and the things that get hinted at…. Oy. Do I have to wait?!

All in all, Skin Deep was a wonderful read, frustrating at times, but amazing nonetheless. Can’t wait to see what happens next!!

What would you do to have the body of your dreams?

Kiera hates being overweight and hides behind thick layers of clothing. One night, her friends present an opportunity that seems impossible to believe. With a single spell, she can have the thin physique she's always coveted.

But all magic comes with a price: no sex or she'll revert back to her old body. Kiera accepts the cost. It's not like she has men lined up at her door. Obeying this one tiny rule isn't difficult at all—until the night she meets Cain, a were-tiger and a soldier with the Eternal Forces.

When a slew of unexplained murders forces Kiera and Cain together, they'll have to face the horrors of their pasts. Will Kiera realize she is worth more than her outward appearance? Or will she make the wrong the choice and lose everything—including her life?

Megan D. Martin is a multi-published author, mother, student and editor. In her spare time she enjoys decorating her house with strange things that do not match, playing her old school Nintendo Entertainment System, and buying fish for her many fish tanks.


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