Saturday, December 14, 2013

Help out a friend of mine; Rue Volley!!

Hello my friends. I have a small message (a plea) from a friend of mine; Rue Volley. Please help her to be Author of the Year!!

Please nominate Rue Volley for Author of the Year. If you want to vote it is open until December 15th to nominate and then the real voting begins to pick a winner who will be announced on New Years Day:) If you would like to vote for me it is pretty simple, you just go to this link, scroll down to "tell us your nominee", click on it and enter my name in the box:) It also enters you into a drawing for a $75 Gift Card. I am now sitting at #7, which is amazing! I am just honored to be on the list with the other incredible authors, makes me smile. You can also enter more (it gives you options to tweet it and so on)

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