Saturday, December 7, 2013

Book Tour/Review: Daughter Cell by Jay Hartlove

Randolph is waking up from a four month sleepwalk. He’s been trying to cope with his wife’s death, but turned to alcohol, which didn’t make it better. Somehow, Randolph lost four months, and waking up he discovers he can’t even remember his only daughter, Desiree, was bitten by a snake and is in a coma. Now he’s trying to pick up the pieces, finding his lost memories and trying to bring Desiree back. He might have lost his wife, but he won’t lose his daughter too.

Randolph has been working close with an old friend of his; Young Nae. They have a company that makes beauty products. They dabble in genetics, pushes the envelope for what is possible. But how far would you be willing to go when you have lost the love of your life?

Oy, such complicated webs we weave. I thought I had this book “sorted” out, but Jay delivers a story that pulls you in, spins you around and refuses to let you go.

Being a vet student, I have a certain advantage to understand some of the genetics, the medical terms being discussed in Daughter Cell, and I loved every second. I was fascinated by what Randolph and Young had discovered, and how the story evolved. It was mesmerizing to read.

I seriously want to discuss the plot, but I am afraid I will reveal too much. I loved the twists, how Jay Hartlove made you believe it was one person, how he made us follow the lead. Brilliant made. I have to say, I did see at some point whom the Bad guy was, but the delivery of that package was…  gruesome. And loved every second of it! There is so much to this story, I’m actually afraid to go into too much detail, because the slightest comment can ruin it for you. As I said; the web is complicated and it is dangerously beautiful.

Too me, pretty much everything came together well in this book; the characters, the plot, the medical language, Faith, mystery… it was amazing. In a way, I would actually like to see what happened a little later, if father and daughter truly pull through.

Amazing read, sprinkled with mystery, Faith and genetics. What’s not to love?

Leading genetic researcher Randolph Macklin wakes up in Malaysia to find a four month gap in his memory, his wife dead, and his daughter in a coma. As he and his psychiatrist Sanantha Mauwad unravel the mystery, they find nothing and no one are what they appear to be. Ancient cults collide with cutting edge science in this tale of too much power driven by too much passion.


Jay Hartlove has been writing professionally for over 30 years, starting in the gaming industry with Supergame in 1980. He writes banking compliance procedures by day, he blogs about spirituality, and he teaches seminars on the craft of writing. Two of his short supernatural stories have appeared in the Hugo Award winning Drink Tank. He has posted the research he did for The Chosen at Like The Isis Rising Trilogy on Facebook.



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