Friday, January 23, 2015

Review: Wiggle & Jiggle (Skylar Wolfe Mystery #3) by Mariana Thorn

Wiggle & Jiggle is the third book in Mariana’s Skylar Wolf Mystery series and I love it more for every book.

Skylar and Levi’s moms are in trouble which makes them drop everything and rush off to help. Hot on their heels are Aiden and his lawyer friend Bryce, both ready to help.

While it looks like a good clusterfuck regarding their case, Skylar is about to walk into dangerous and unknown territory of her own with Aiden. Will she be able to take the jump?

Filled with even more snarkiness from Skylar, this adventure will make you laugh like the rest of the books. I loved that in this book, the mystery took a small step back and allowed for the relationship between Aiden and Skylar to move a bit more to the front.

Also.. it’s Skylar. Skylar!! Nothing good happens before 10 Am Skylar. Wearing shorts and flipflops Skylar. The one who calls shotgun and races back and forth just to beat her cousin. I adore her, she’s living her life like she wants and doesn’t give a shit about what everyone else thinks. I also love how Levi sometimes need to translate what she say. *giggles*

Anyhow… As much as I absolutely freaking LOVE Mariana’s Fur, Fangs and Fairies series, reading her Skylar Wolfe mystery books are pure vacation and enjoyment.

Take off your clothes and pull up a seat, Skylar Wolfe is headed to a nudist community for her next snarky adventure! Join Levi, Aiden, and her newest victim, Bryce as they investigate a death involving Skylar and Levi’s mothers, Lorlei and Dorthoy Wolfe.

It all begins with a phone call from jail. With Lori and Dori locked up and Uncle Vic off on vacation, it’s up to Skylar and Levi to rescue them. With a ride from Aiden and a healthy dose of snarkiness from Skylar, they are off to save the day!

But it looks like that will be no easy task. Murder is a harder charge to post bail for than public nudity. So with the help of Aiden’s friend Bryce the crew has to come together to figure it out before it is too late. All the while the growing heat between Aiden and Skylar starts to deepen to something more than just dysfunctional coworkers. It will all come down to a choice…
and for Skylar’s sake, let’s hope she chooses right…

You can buy Wiggle & Jiggle HERE

If you look in the local coffee shop or bookstore you might just find Mariana Thorn. She can usually be found with headphones in and deep into the worlds she has created.
She is the author of Dark Fantasies and Snarky Mysteries. Her current works includes two main series. The full length, Seizing Darkness, is the first of the Fur, Fangs, and Fairies, dark fantasy. Slice & Dice is the first of her short story series Skylar Wolfe Mysteries.  Both series have sequels coming out in November 2014. There are currently four anthologies with her work in them as well.
When Mariana isn't writing, she's riding horses, playing with her dog. or hanging out with friends. She currently lives in Western Washington, but loves to travel to Florida and sit on the beach.

You can find Mariana here:

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