Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Review: Demon in Steam (Alliance of Silver and Steam #0.5) by Lexi Ostrow

Felicia’s sixteenth birthday turned out to be very different to what she had imagined.

Seeing both her parents being killed in front of her by demons left her scarred for the rest of her life. Taken in by the Alliance and trained was her only opportunity. Driven by hatred and a thirst for vengeance, Felicia have been making London more safe for humans and dangerous for the demons.

On her first true solo mission she stumbles straight into the handsome Captain of the Guard; Greyston. No one knows that he’s an incubus, it doesn’t make him less dangerous to other demons – he hunts them just like Felicia.

The night takes a different turn than what both of them had hoped it would, but will it bring them closer or will Felicia’s hatred for demons break them?

Oooohhhh. This. I absolutely freaking love it. Period.

Felicia and her loss crawls under your skin and you feel her pain and her determination to hunt down every demon and eradicate them from this planet. Which makes it all the more delicious to me that she should fall for the one thing she never would allow; a demon.

Greyston is.. well… yummy. There’s no other way to say it. I like that Lexi made him an incubus, a demon species not used very often anymore. Having him being dominating and yet to see him having a softer side…. Oy.

I love the gadgets in Demon in Steam as well, sometimes when I read a steampunk story I can get overwhelmed with the descriptions on the different things – not here. I could clearly picture the weapons and the steamdriven bicycle. Both are very awesome to me.

Demon in Steam is a quick, sexy read and it leaves you wanting for more – at least it did for me. I already have the next one downloaded and ready on my kindle; Nightmare in Steam.

In the London Underground the Alliance of Silver and Steam is all that protects humans from demons.

Felicia Gannon is no stranger to the demons that lurk in the night. After her parents were murdered in front of her the Alliance took her in and trained her. Vengeance became her only drive.

Greyston Westham is more than just the devilishly handsome Captain of the Guard. He's an Incubus Demon who hunts his own kind because they have no use for lesser demons like himself.

When a murderer is running lose that only the Alliance can deal with Felicia and Greyston are thrown together in a deadly game. Can she overcome her hatred of demons and give into the relationship that will save her life? Or will Felicia's hatred be her doom.

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Lexi Ostrow has been in love with the written word since second grade when her librarian started a writing club. Born in sunny southern California she's spent time in various places across the country and can't wait to settle down somewhere in the French Quarter when she's able too.

Lexi has been a writer ever since the second grade in some form or another. Getting her degree in creative writing and her master's in journalism she couldn't wait to get a chance to put her fantasies down on paper. Her debut novel, Torn Between Two Worlds is something that was simmering in her mind since middle school and she's so grateful to put it out into the literary world. From paranormal romance to thriller there isn't a genre she doesn't love to spend her time reading or writing.

Reading and writing are her first loves but her passion for shopping, love for yummy food and her love for all her many pets. She hopes to one day help other readers fall in love with writing as she did.

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