Friday, February 28, 2014

Second Anniversary: HUGE giveaway

Wow, where did time go?
Today, it was exactly two years ago that my very first review ever was posted. I had been a commenter and regular visitor over at Laurie's blog; Dangerous Romance, and when she asked me to start reviewing for her, I took the plunge.
I have never regretted it. Not once. I've learned sooo much these past two years, and I'm still learning, but I am absolutely grateful for every friend I've gotten to know, every email, message and like you send me. When I last August decided it was due time that I stretched my wings and tried flying on my own - Sabina's Adventures In Reading was born. Penny from The Library at the END of the Universe, helped me with the initial design and other one million questions I had since I was going from Wordpress to Blogger, for which I am more grateful than I ever truly can express. When Ren (from A Little Bit of R&R) came over the design, the blog turned into what you can see today.
The past two years have given me many surprises; interviews with favorite authors and characters, read books before release (ARC's) and did I mention all the wonderful friends? <3

This day is to celebrate my second anniversary as a blogger, but it is just as much to celebrate every author I've reviewed, talked to, featured in my time, and to you my dear reader. An old and a new friend. Thank you all for coming by!

To celebrate today, I have asked friends to donate, and to tell you the truth; I am overwhelmed by the response I got. I would like to thank the following people for donating to make this day extraordinary;
Sarah J Carr (for all your advise, friendship and kick ass skill as a writer), Penny (for always listening and helping in any way you can), Pyxie Rose, Petronela Ungureanu (for introducing me to all the fabulous authors over at CHBB), Ada McEwan (thank you for listening, and for letting me be  a small part of your life), Kristen Day, Julieanne Lynch, Candace Knoebel (keep writing girl!!! I want that sequel!!), Sonya Loveday (<3 you Sonya! You ROCK!!), Danielle Taylor, Faith Marlow, Ikelia from Confessions of an Obsessed Bookoholic Anomaly, Ren (for answering all my lame questions about design and if this or that is possible), Cameo Renae, and last, but not least; SJ Davis, the owner of CHBB, who also donated ARC's for my giveaway.

From the bottom of my  heart and from the depths of my soul (yes, I do own one); THANK YOU!

Now, let's get down to the stuff you all been waiting for, shall we? ;-)

This giveaway will be closed on March 14, the winners will be contacted the same day, and will have 48 hours to get back to me. If they haven't responded before the 48 hours runs out, they have forfeit their prize, and I will find a new one.
Otherwise, the rules are easy; it's a Rafflecopter, so "just" fill it out, and have fun!!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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