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Author Take Over: Grimm Consequences: The Story Behind the Story by Kate SeRine & Giveaway

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Today I have the lovely Kate Serine coming by, telling us why she wrote Grimm Consequences. Not only has Kate made this wonderful Guest Post, but she also offered to do a giveaway - so keep your eyes peeled for the Rafflecopter in the end of this post! :-D (open international)
Sooo. Without any further delay... please welcome Kate on Sabina's Adventures In Reading and give her a big hug!!

When my agent suggested writing a Transplanted Tales novella to offer my readers something between the release of Along Came a Spider (#3) in August 2013 and Ever After (#4) a year later, I knew exactly what story I was going to tell.


When I originally conceived the idea for Red, the first book in my Transplanted Tales series, I had planned to write a trilogy that chronicled the gritty crime fighting adventures of Tess “Red” Little (a/k/a Little Red Riding Hood) and her detective/grim reaper boyfriend, Nate Grimm. For this reason, I’d been intentionally vague about Nate’s background because I’d always intended to give him a story of his own.


But when it came time to plan the subsequent novels, my editor thought some of the other characters should have their own book and a chance at Happily Ever After, and asked me to write the series more as paranormal romance than urban fantasy. So that’s the direction we took.


As happy as I’ve been with this approach, and as much as I’ve enjoyed exploring the mysteries and romances of the other couples, I still desperately wanted to tell Nate’s tale and give readers some additional insight into his story and his love for Tess. I just needed to figure out when and how to do it.


The “how” was easy: From the moment I wrote the description of Nate in the first few pages of Red, I knew the dark past he was so eager to forget would eventually come back to haunt him. In fact, in order to set the stage for this eventuality, I began dropping hints in The Better to See You and Along Came a Spider, insinuating that Nate and Tess had been through a lot since the end of Red and that their love was even stronger for it.


So when I was offered the chance to tell the rest of Tess and Nate’s story in the form of a novella, I was ecstatic! And, I have to say, I had a great time revisiting my old friends and am very proud of how the novella turned out. I hope readers will have as much fun reading Grimm Consequences as I had writing it.


Now, to give you a peek at what’s in store for Tess and Nate, here’s the official blurb for Grimm Consequences, releasing April 17, 2014:



You reap what you sow…


Saying Nate Grimm has a dark past is an understatement. Fortunately, no one’s bothered to look too closely at the Fairytale Management Authority’s lead detective and part-time Reaper. And that’s the way Nate wants to keep it. For after centuries of torment and loneliness, he’s finally found happiness with the hot and hard-charging love of his life, Tess “Red” Little.


Of course, his love for Tess is the reason there’s a posse of Reaper judges after him, led by a sadistic bastard acquainted with Nate from once upon a time. Now, Tess will pay the price for Nate’s transgressions unless Nate severs his ties to the transplanted Tales—and Tess—forever. His enemy has the advantage in speed, malice and brutality. But the Reapers have underestimated the depth of Nate’s love and devotion. And the fury of his wrath…

Kate SeRine (pronounced “serene”) faithfully watched weekend monster movie marathons while growing up, each week hoping that maybe this time the creature du jour would get the girl. But every week she was disappointed. So when she began writing her own stories, Kate vowed that her characters would always have a happily ever after. And, thus, her love for paranormal romance was born. Kate currently writes urban fantasy and paranormal romance and is the author of the award-winning Transplanted Tales series, available from Kensington Books.


Kate lives in a smallish, quintessentially Midwestern town with her husband and two sons, who share her love of storytelling. She never tires of creating new worlds to share and is even now working on her next project.





  1. Excited! I loved Along Came A Spider and keep meaning to pick up Red! This would be awesome! TU for the giveaway!

    1. I have Red on my kindle, just need to sit down and start reading it! I need more hours in the day!! <3

  2. Love this series! Cannot get enough of it- Kate is an amazing writer!

    1. Hi Angela!
      I've heard loads of good things too, and can't wait to sit down and dig into it! Something tells me I won't be coming up for air for quite some time once I start reading!! :-)