Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Author Take Over: Penelope Anne Bartotto

Knock, knock...waiting quietly, listening intently...Sabina has left the building I am free to party like it's 1999! Prince made that seem like such a fabulous date, and then when it finally was just another day. Anyway, I am here to take full control of this site for today, 100% control, Sabina may regret giving me this much control!

So, who am I? I am Penelope Anne Bartotto, author, editor, and generally insane woman who has been allowed to run rampant around the universe since 1997. My home is The Library at the END of the Universe, where I share reviews, my writing and so much more.
Currently the only book you can find me in is the anthology: Paranormal Anthology with a Twist. Previously I dedicated over a decade of my writing career to journalism and nonfiction. I spent a number of years writing articles that were featured in America Online and a variety of their forums. Those were the days.

Excuse me I found these potions laying around and slipping into my Alice in Wonderland lifestyle I drank a couple, 3.5 to be exact. I thought they would make me taller, I am such a short gal. Sadly, they just left me wandering in a daze on Main Street at 2pm. I was warned not to play in traffic anymore, and the nice fellow at the Comic Book Store let me sleep it off in the backroom. Sabina, you really should be more careful with what you leaving around when you are away.
Just for that, I am bringing some of my boys over and not leaving them behind. You think I am that crazy?
Drool moment. Still drooling. Do you think there is a towel around here? 

I learned from a very dear friend that a towel is very important to always have with you. Thankfully I brought my towel along. Mopped up my own drool, but might have left a puddle back there, just watch your step. 
All joking aside for a moment, here's my short bio...that's a joke, I never manage to do a short anything, other than being short. 
About me: I am soon to be forty-four years old. Born in the era of hippies and free love, I have nothing exciting in my life to share with you. I was born, raised, and continue to live in the state of insanity, oops I
mean Wisconsin. I married my soul mate in 1991, and we are actually celebrating our wedding anniversary on Sunday, April 20. We have three, not so little bears, considering two are adults and out of the house and our youngest will be eighteen this August. Where does the time go? Our children were all educated at home, and I do not regret that decision in the least bit. I love helping parents considering the idea, and helping people know that it is a lifestyle choice and not for everybody. We're a Scouting family...we did both Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts. I am actually a former Assistant Scoutmaster for the Boy Scouts of America, and quite proud of that.
When I am not reading, writing, editing, or helping my author clients bring their work to the public...I survive on coffee, am addicted to Diet Pepsi, and wish that I had both a dark chocolate and cookie fairy to keep me in my favorite sweets. I collect books, bears, stationary, stamps, fairies, and coffee mugs. I am currently wishing a wonderful person will buy me this delightful mug for my collection: Editing Mug.  Writing is a passion for me, not a hobby, yet neither a career at the moment. Once I see my baby off to college, then my life begins to change course and then I will be aiming to become a writer, full time. Until then I continue to write poetry and short stories, enter submissions to anthologies from my favorite publishers and work on my novels in process. I have a few of those WIP things sitting in files, waiting for me to return to them. 
I write a variety of genres, currently working in both the horror genre and the romance and paranormal genres. Characters haunt me, they wake me up in the middle of the night demanding attention, so we have...
A humongous PILLOW FIGHT!!!!!!!

A gift for my dear friend: 
Many are blessed with friends, dear and true. 
Not all are blessed with one as dear as you. 

You bring a smile to my sad face, 
Reminding me to seek out a happy place. 

You reach across the social media divide, 
And comfort and peace provide. 

Friends separated by the great blue sea, 
You and I will always be. 
~ Penelope Anne Bartotto  

I now return you to your regularly scheduled posts. 

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