Review Policy

UPDATE: I am currently swamped in books and generally with life and changes, so please expect my reviewing time to be delayed. Thank you for understanding.

I love to read and I enjoy to talk about the books and authors I love.

I will be honest in my reviews, but will NOT trash a book or the author. Just because I don't like a book, doesn't mean everyone else won't. We're all different in our reading styles and likes.

I usually read fantasy in all shapes and sizes, romance, horror, but I am usually open for pretty much anything, mostly fiction though.

I will post my reviews here on the blog (Sabina's Adventures In Reading), links will go up on Google+, Facebook and Twitter.
The review will also be posted on Goodreads, Amazon and Book Depository (if it's available on these sites).

Your book will be read in First Come, First Serve, and I will of course provide you with the link for the review when it goes live. :-)
If you need the review to be up before a certain date, please notify me, that way I can tell you straight away if I can make it or not.

Still interested? email me, message me on FB, send me a pigeon, letter in a bottle - smoke signals, and let's talk!

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