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Review: Seizing Shadows (Fur, Fangs and Fairies #2) by Mariana Thorn

Kalypso is supposed to be on assignment for the master of the hellhounds, Alkaios. Instead, she has been dragged into another incident by Valdimir and Fane. She arrives on the scene just after the action has ended. Stemming her vexation, she helps heal the injured Radek, Val’s son. Kalypso is forced to yet again clean up one of their messes.

She finds her friends have been keeping a deadly secret. Her heart is crushed when the worst should happen. The lives of those she cares about are all on the line. Vengeance will be had. Kalypso is forced to work with the one she vowed never to work with again. It requires her to open herself up in a way she never has before. Will she admit to the love that dwells in her heart? Will they all meet their demise?

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OMG, where to start?!

First of all, I was insanely lucky to be a beta for Mariana on Seizing Shadows, so I got to see this book evolve. That said, Mariana is one of the rare kinds of authors who manages to surprise me over and over again in the best way.

Seizing Shadows is the second book in Mariana’s Fur, Fangs and Fairies series, and to me it is just as good as Seizing Darkness. Why? Here’s a few reasons:

  • Seizing Darkness and Seizing Shadows are intertwined which gives you several POV of the same scenes and adds information – small details that might not mean something right then, but in the long run…. I love that, always have, always will.
  • Kalypso is… plain awesome. She’s been alive for centuries, which has lead to her tucking away her emotions to get by. She’s a kick ass, sword wielding Enforcer for Alkaios, the master of the hellhounds. She’s used to be obeyed, basically been a God once, she speaks a bit outdated (which is sooo cool), rarely curses, and is wicked smart. I love her. She’s amazing.
  • Fane.... Oy... I have no words!!!
  • We get to see more to Val, Radek, Nat and Dante, and I can’t express how good it feels to read about them again. Even if…. Oh, wait…. That’s a spoiler…. Never mind….
  • Seizing Shadows is fast paced, a roller coaster on your emotional range and it rips up in old wounds and ancient secrets.

Just to name a few…. The end was a huuuge surprise to me, but Mariana caught me with her plot and her writing looong before that. She tucks small bit of information into her story that you might not notice, but when you get the bigger picture, it all makes sense. I am curious to see what happens in the next book. One things for certain, Mariana Thorn is an auto buy for me, may it be her Fur, Fangs and Fairies series or her Skylar Wolf series.

If you look in the local coffee shop or bookstore you might just find Mariana Thorn. She can usually be found with headphones in and deep into the worlds she has created.
She is the author of Dark Fantasies and Snarky Mysteries. Her current works includes two main series. The full length, Seizing Darkness, is the first of the Fur, Fangs, and Fairies, dark fantasy. Slice & Dice is the first of her short story series Skylar Wolfe Mysteries.  Both series have sequels coming out in November 2014. There are currently four anthologies with her work in them as well.
When Mariana isn't writing, she's riding horses, playing with her dog. or hanging out with friends. She currently lives in Western Washington, but loves to travel to Florida and sit on the beach.

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