Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Release Day Review: Her Final Sleep by Joe DiCiccio

Rock bands, people disappearing, murders, evil lurking in the darkness, drinks, fame and a small town – all of this is something you’ll find in Joe DiCiccio’s new book; Her Final Sleep. 

Kyle Van Velt and his friends is in a band, trying to break through, but they’re a bit intimidated by a fellow all girl band; Her Final Sleep. They’re not only talented like hell, but drop-dead gorgeous as well, filling up one of the little Town Pine Lake’s bars every Friday Night, rocking away. Rumors are circling around Her Final Sleep, and Kyle and his friends are about to find out exactly how much is true, and what is fiction.

I really like Joe’s style of writing. It’s dark, gloomy, sinister, filled with little clues, gory details and plain awesomeness. It’s easy to fall for the world in Pine Lake and even easier to understand why Kyle and his band mates want to get the hell out of town, to be something in the big city. 

As we follow Kyle and his friends, we get multiple POV in the story, all of them telling their version. May it be from one of the guys in the band, Sasha from Her Final Sleep, or a hunter finding something gruesome in the forest one early morning. Some might find that confusing, but to me it only added to the story, made it more alive and gave extra perspective on what happened. 

You’re given a unique insight into the different characters, giving each of them life and makes them whole as persons, you follow their decisions, see their faults and strengths. I loved how well Joe had incorporated the mysterious figure in the dark, and how well he tied all the little clues back together. Very well done!!

All in all; a very unique story that leaves you wanting to know more and definitely makes me want to read more by the author. The ending certainly leaves room for more exploration! 

The hard rock band Her Final Sleep are not only beautiful, they are incredibly talented. They have the small town of Pine Lake completely enamored, but some say they hide something evil in their old house just outside of town. Kyle Van Velt and his friends are about to have a run in with Her Final Sleep, with disastrous consequences.

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Joe DiCicco is a 30 year old writer of short fiction dealing in horror, science-fiction and dark fantasy themes.
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