Friday, September 19, 2014

Review: Insane by H.G Lynch

This. Wow. H.G Lynch’s writing is sure to make you a little insane and very intrigued. 

Callie has been commited into a mental hospital by her own father. Why? Because she can see and talk to her best friend. That isn’t unusual on its own, but there’s a little thing about Callie’s best friend; he’s dead. Fighting the system in the beginning, Callie is determined to get out of there one way or another.

In comes Casey. He’s also an habitant at the asylum, but for a good reason. Although to tell the truth, I would most likely have reacted the same way.

Callie and Casey are very different, and yet somehow when they met sparks fly and a special connection appears between them. But will their connection be enough to save them from the evils that lurks in the depths of the asylum? Every time the lights go out, another patient dies and both of them can feel the cold evilness walk the halls.

I was so caught up in this story and loved every page of it. H.G Lynch has created an awesome story, characters that makes you care about them, they grow as persons as well, the unique connection they share gives their relationship another depth, and I loved that about them. In a way they complete each other and help each other heal.

There are several side characters that made me laugh as well in Insane. From the Warden RJ, to Callie’s dead friend Chester and his jealousy toward Casey. 

As the story evolves, my skin began to crawl. I had to literally put down the book at one point because it really freaked me out. THAT is how good Lynch is as an author!

If you like your story with a twist, a good scare and amazingly written, Insane is definitely something for you!!

Something evil is going on in the Montgomery Psychiatric Hospital; every time there is an unexplainable blackout, a patient dies. 
Callie isn't insane - she sees the ghost of her dead best friend only because he really is there. It's just that nobody believes her. 
Casey is scarred after a horrific attack during which he killed someone. Temporary insanity was his plea, and the asylum is his prison.
With fear and death lurking everywhere, and no way to escape, Callie is certain it's only a matter of time before she or Casey, the odd boy she has an inexplicable link with, becomes the next victim of the creature in the shadows. 
Trapped in the asylum with a killer on the loose, there's plenty of reason to be afraid of the dark.

You can buy Insane HERE

H.G. Lynch is an introverted Scottish pixie who spends most of her days dreaming of mythical 
creatures and magical worlds, and then writing it all down. She can sometimes be heard talking 
aloud to the characters in her head. 
Aside from writing, she enjoys horse-riding and long walks in the rain. 
Born Dark is her debut novel, the first in a series about vampires, a haunted forest, and a slightly 
dysfunctional love.

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