Friday, July 18, 2014

Release Day Blitz: Dark Light 4; anthology from CHBB

Today is a VERY special day; not only for me, but for other as well. Today is the much anticipated release day for Dark Light Four, an anthology from CHBB - in which I have a small story; The Beginning. :-D It's a huge day for me and I am honored to be a part of this anthology along with 26 other absolutely amazing authors!! I'm currently reading the anthology myself and love it so far!!!
Sarah J Carr is the lovely and absolutely amazing woman who has worked so hard on this anthology to have it ready and edited in time!

If you’re looking for stories of “happily ever after”, continue onward. Warm and fuzzy tales of love won’t lie within these pages. These dark accounts incur greed, anger, hostility, murder, revenge, and creatures that go bump in the night. Be forewarned—there will be blood, and you may need to check under your bed before going to sleep. Darkness awaits.

The Maybe Man—K.C. Finn
Sasha Brook—Shebat Legion
Deep Below—J.R. Roper
Sinner—Barbie Shannon
Mind Fuck—Nina Stevens
When the Music Dies—Penelope Anne Bartotto
The Asylum—Shannon Eckrich
Perdition—Mariana Thorn
An Eve to Forget—Leah D.W.
A Night with the Outside Inn—Patrick Tumblety
Broken Photo—SJ Davis
A Salem Witch—Zoe Adams
Always Beneath—Paul Flewitt
Staum the Source—Andrea Staum
Nothing to Fear—Jackie McMahon
The Beginning—Sabina Bundgaard
Fall from Grace—Nina Stevens
Second Chances—Khelsey Jackson
Professional Courtesy—Debbie Christiana
End in Fire—M Jet
Fairy Hunter—Deborah Dalton
Operation Werewolf—B. David Spicer
What Must Be Done—Reven Archer Black
The Architect—F.A Carillo
Southern Cross—Shelly Schulz
A Sip of Water—Palumbo Sergio
The Wicked End—Monique Diplock

Remember to stop by the absolutely amazing release day party over at Facebook, there's LOADS of prices and fun games!! 

You can buy Dark Light Four HERE

This is from my own story; The Beginning. Hope you'll enjoy!! (please look away from any possible grammatical errors and misspellings)

Turning toward him, Jazz looks up from her death-grip, her green eyes searching his blue ones. Sam could feel her eyes examining his soul, seeing deeper into him than anyone before. It was like a punch to his stomach, robbing him of air. Those green eyes had seen far too much for someone so young. Lack of food had made her too thin; no sun had made her skin look white, almost transparent. All of it was making her small freckles on her nose and cheeks standout even more. She looks as if she would break if a gust of wind came by, Sam thinks, but he knows differently. No one walks away from the Dark Ones, not without scars on their body and soul.


  1. Congratulations on your first release!
    *happy dance*

  2. Thank you Sonya!!
    I'm doing a happy dance right with you, since we're ranking!!! I've been sooo nervous and excited about this release!!!