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Cover Reveal: Torn Between Two Worlds (The Guardians Book #1) by Lexi Ostrow

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Title: Torn Between Two Worlds
Author: Lexi Ostrow
Publisher: Hot Ink Press
Release Date: July 15, 2014
Cover Artist: Riley Steel
Genre: Paranormal Romance

TBTW final cover
Her heart was torn differently than others, between two worlds. Her choice would affect her position in each.
Ciara Miller was born the same as others, but she got a little something extra. On her 14th birthday she learned she was a Word Speaker, someone who could create life from stories. Her gift is incomplete until her 27th birthday, before then all she can create is things she, and others like her can see. Evil wants her gift as well and the characters she choses to create become her Guardians against the unseen attackers that want to use her skill.
Stryder is a demon, created to be a backup plan for the Horseman of the Apocalypse, War. Since the day he learned he was nothing more than pawn he and his brothers had been seeking a way to betray hell and fight on the side of the angels. His world is torn apart again when he finds out he's nothing more than a story and given the option to protect a human female, Ciara, or die.
Ciara hates Stryder for replacing her former Guardian. But she cannot deny the lust and connection that rocked through her every time they touch. She could deny it all she wanted, but she belonged to Stryder and when they find themselves thrown into a war bigger than them both she must choose between her reality bound heart and her fantasy bound soul to save them.
 She jerked her head side to side and lifted her hand. A streak of fire licked down the tunnel, skimming over the glass and slamming into both men across from her. Three down, three to go. He didn't need War for this so he didn't bother accessing the link in their DNA.
10435745_10102206965345614_7527094489724400879_n“I really really fucking hope this shit can't be seen or melt that glass.” She was pale and he didn't blame her. But based on the reactions all people had seen was her raise her hand. Her sentence drew a startled look from the man next to her and he shoved her out of the way.
“Damn it Ciara!” He grabbed the female coming to him by the collar and slammed her head into the tank. Red spilled down her face and she dropped to the floor, alive but not an issue.
It wasn't until he was rounding on the final two that he felt the ground shake. He turned to Ciara and saw her just staring at the ground. The people around them were completely unshaken. Whatever was going on was only happening for them and he was a little tired of not knowing all the rules.
A second later he felt the heat behind him as he turned and saw Ciara, tears sliding down her face and a ball of fire the size of his head resting on her hand before she flicked her wrist and it flew at the last of their enemies. Sizzling and screams echoed because of the glass tunnel they were in.
About the Author:
PictureLexi Ostrow has been in love with the written word since second grade when her librarian started a writing club. Born in sunny southern California she's spent time in various places across the country and can't wait to settle down somewhere in the French Quarter when she's able too.
Lexi has been a writer ever since the second grade in some form or another. Getting her degree in creative writing and her master's in journalism she couldn't wait to get a chance to put her fantasies down on paper. Her debut novel, Torn Between Two Worlds is something that was simmering in her mind since middle school and she's so grateful to put it out into the literary world. From paranormal romance to thriller there isn't a genre she doesn't love to spend her time reading or writing. Reading and writing are her first loves but her passion for shopping, love for yummy food and her love for all her many pets. She hopes to one day help other readers fall in love with writing as she did.
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  1. I really really I hope I win a e copy of this book! it looks awesome! putting it on my TBR list!