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Author Take Over: David R. Bennett, author of The Crimson Clan

Hello, I am taking over this site for today. My name is David R Bennett. I am the author of The Crimson Clan and the forthcoming sequel, Cry of the Wolf. I live in the Houston, Texas area of the United States in a small town called Spring.


I am a big fan of the freaky, the strange, and the weird. Many would say that my taste in books is rather eclectic. I like anything form Young Adult to Mystery to Action / Adventure to Romance (at times) to Paranormal to Sci-Fi to Fantasy.


My inspiration comes from all sorts of novels, movies, comic books, and TV shows that I have read or seen. These include Batman, Superman, X-Men, Twilight, Grisham, Crichton, Rowling, Tron, Star Wars, Star Trek, Babylon 5, Doctor Who, and many more.


As a child I was also an avid player of Role-Playing Games and to an extent still am with video games on my iPhone. On that had a large influence on my tastes was Dungeons and Dragons. It was a lead in on my taste for Fantasy.


Now as to how I write a novel. Sometimes, I am able to come up with an idea and jot it down as other ideas for subsequent novels hit as well. Other times, I just need to sit and start writing. With The Crimson Clan, which was NOT its original title, I started by sitting down to write. I knew I wanted a strong character who would be a teenager and an unintentional leader. But I did not want to copy anything that has happened before.


I thought with the original title of Destiny Phoenix and the Crimson Clan that it would sound to people like a paranormal knock-off of the Harry Potter series. And by no means did I want that stigma. That is why I shortened the title to just The Crimson Clan.


But as for the lead character, Destiny; why a girl and not a boy? The funny thing came to my mind was that I wanted a strong character who would not resemble anyone else. However, I wanted to stretch my chops as well. So I decided to use some of my favorite movie monsters in a way that may not have been shown before. Thus the Crimson Clan was born.


Also, I wanted a unique monster slayer as well. Destiny, unknown to her until this book, is an angel born of human flesh. She is, also, able to access the memories of her ancestors. When certain situations emerge, an ancestor of Destiny’s comes along to help her. The first ancestors to help her are her mother, her maternal grandmother, and maternal great-great-grandmother.


I let the story flow on its own as I write so that there is no boredom as I write the book. I see the story flowing as one would be seeing a movie. I can see every scene for the first time as I type it into the computer.


If I am luck as I am with most of the Destiny Phoenix Saga, I have the blurb essentially a beginning and the ending possibilities. What I chose for the exact ending I may not know until halfway through the novel, as what happened with Cry of the Wolf. That’s when I begin to tie the current story in a way to reach the ending I have chosen.


Then, of course it’s off to the editor. And when I get it back I fix any errors and send it back for approval. The last thing done is formatting for publishing and the addition of a preview from the next novel.


I have been enjoying writing this series. Destiny Phoenix is vastly becoming one of my most favorite characters that I have ever written. I get to know her better every day. And the additional characters from the novels will spin off a few companion pieces as well.


Also, I have been selected to be featured on Ultimate YA Reading Groups Blog on tumblr for the month of September.


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