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Review: Sucre Erotique - Anthology from Hot Ink Press

I was given this anthology as a gift in exchange for a honest review, and as a thank you for being a beta for one of the stories ;-) This has not affected my view of the anthology.

I will review each story very short and give my all over view in the end. Keep in mind, this is an erotica anthology.

Venus Envy by Josephine Ballowe

I was a bit confused about this short story…well, maybe more than just a bit. Maybe that’s why it is my least favorite in this anthology.

As I can understand Venus is going through a rough time, and somehow her mind is getting out of control. Or maybe she is seeing the truth and everyone else is being lead behind the light?

The story might be confusing to me, but the sex-scenes are well written and I would love to see what Josephine would do with a full length novel.

One Night by Riley Steel

This one… wow. So many thing, so many good things in it! I really, really don’t want to spoil it, so bear with me while I clumsily tries to dodge it.

Andrea was tired of looking in her reflection, tired of feeling like her life was over – she was only 23 for goodness sake. So she took matters in hand; started eating right, lost some weight, went to the gym, and lost more weight. She started to feel alive again, started to feel good about herself. There was just one, tiny problem…. Dan, her boyfriend wasn’t that enthusiastic, didn’t support her, even worse? He made her feel this big *hold fingers a tiny space apart*

Having had just about enough of being pushed down, she goes out for a night with a friend, and by chance they step into a swingers club.

Let me just say, be prepared for what comes after that, and make sure you have something to fan yourself with, because the steam level in this short story just skyrocketed!

Key to a Dark Heart by Skye Knizley

River stumbled over an artifact at a pawnshop; an ancient key to Alfheimr. On her quest to find the man who lost the artifact to the pawnshop owner, River stumbles into a very different world than her own.

Welcome to mythology crashing into our own reality.

Have I ever mentioned I’m a sucker for Nordic mythology? No? Well, I am. But then I grew up with this mythology, since I live in Denmark. Actually, I lived in Sweden as child, but that’s an entire different story. ;-)

Skye Knizley have created a short story with wonderful twists in them, and is staying very true to the mythology, I loved every page. They’re moist with steam, filled with surprises, and I will definitely be reading more from Skye, because this was brilliant!

Valentine Vixen by Rue Volley

*squeee* This, this was amazing!!! Rue delivers a story that is literally dripping with sex in all forms, and a wonderful twist in the end.

A sexy pinup from our own era invites three men into her hotel room, with an added twist.

I loved how Rue has played with this story, it was very nicely done, and made me think naughty thoughts myself. A wonderful and an absolute must read!! Not to forget the VERY nice ending!!!

Deuces Wild by A. McEwan

I was a beta reader for Ada when she was done writing Deuces Wild, so I have to say, I’m partial to this story. *smiles*

Danny hates valentine with a vengeance. And who does she run into – literally – on Valentine’s Day? A perfect woman; Amber. *grins* A woman made for sin, and Danny is completely taken by surprise.

To make Valentine even more interesting, Deuce lands in their laps, well, more accurately, he takes pictures of the two ladies making out, and Danny takes offence to that. Turns out Deuces is out on the streets on his own, and Danny feels sorry for him. She’s been in his shoes once a long time ago, and nobody should go through that.

So, Deuce, Amber and Danny is heading home to Danny’s apartment to celebrate their own kind of Valentine.

I really liked this short story. I’ve read Ada’s Confessions of a Small Town Librarian, so I knew what she was capable off, but she still surprised me in a good way. I simply adore Ada and her writing!!

Love from the Wreckage by Shyla Colt

I think this was the most emotional story of them all. Shyla touched me wither story, and brought me to tears.

Sapphira is pregnant, but not with her own child. Well, it is her child, but she isn’t keeping it. She is being a surrogate for her best friend, her sister from another mother; Theresa. Theresa and her husband, Lyle, can’t have children of their own, so to help them out, Sapphire is stepping in.

Unfortunately they will never see their little child; Theresa and her husband is killed in a car accident, Sapphira is in the same car, but somehow she survives the ordeal. Now she is at a loss. What is she going to do? When Logan, Lyle’s twin steps into the picture, he does so with an unusual proposal, and Sapphira is forced to stop and think.

Wonderful, absolutely amazing story. Sapphira and Logan truly came to live on those pages, and I will be on the lookout for more written by Shyla, because if she can bring this forth in so few pages… imagine what she will be able to do with a book?

Heiress to Misfortune by Jackie McMahon

Oh boy…. This story truly is a testimony for that money doesn’t buy happiness. Lucky is a rich kid. Growing up not needing anything money wise, she is left to her own devices, which leads to some more or less interesting habits. Scott is her longtime friend, turning into friend with benefits when she came into adulthood. Scott isn’t Lucky’s only habit, but I will say he is her more… innocent one. She claims she doesn’t love Scott, but in a way, I think she does. So what happens when she catches him red-handed?

 No doubt about it, Jackie knows how to write erotica well. Somehow she has created a main character we would love to hate, and not truly feel sorry for, but want to follow all the way to the end. It is in a way a classic story about a little rich girl who gets what she deserves (for once), and I enjoyed it immensely.

All in all:

This was a great anthology with some of my favorite authors and some new ones to keep an eye on. If you’re familiar with some of these authors, then I can honestly say they do not disappoint. I enjoyed every story in their own ways, but of course I have my favorites. *grins*

I hope you will enjoy this anthology just as much as I did. Sucre Erotique is guaranteed to make your blood boil a little hotter.
Something I like to point out, is the quality of this anthology, and generally anthologies from CHBB/Vamptasy/Hot Ink Press. I know when I hold a book from this publisher, the quality is amazing. I love the details that they put into each story. Take this anthology; each one has a cover. That isn't something you see very often, and it is wonderful and gives me as a reader something extra.

7 tasty Valentine tales of naughty.

Join the bestselling team of authors at Hot Ink Press as they offer up some tasty tales of naughty. This box set is packed with erotic goodness that you will enjoy from beginning to end. These stories will set you on fire with threesomes, angels, watchers, lesbians and much more. Some tales are paranormal in nature and some not, it offers up a beautiful blend of different fantasies in the erotica genre. So add this must-have to your erotic collection today, we guarantee you will not be disappointed.

You can buy the book here: amazon ~ B&N ~ Book Depository


There are 7 amazing authors in this anthology, and I will share what I can about each author (found on Goodreads) Make sure to drop by them and show them some love!!! I have arranged them after reading order.
Josephine Ballowe:
Josephine's first foray into sexy reads began with "Flowers in the Attic" when she was 12. From that moment on it was a like she found the Tree of Knowledge and couldn't climb it fast enough.

Josephine is married to an all around wonderful man who tries to keep secret what his wife really writes and publishes. She also has two young boys and an almost human yellow lab who is her best friend.

When not penning steamy reads, Josephine spends her spare time volunteering at her children's school and raising awareness for Turning Point, a counseling center for women experiencing Domestic Abuse.

On a personal note, Josephine has SEVERE OCD and cannot stand a dirty kitchen - she like to always be prepared for guests and adores entertaining.

Her favorite words of wisdom from her wonderful Southern grandmother are "There is nothing that red lipstick and some high heels can't fix."

Riley Steel:
Riley Steel is a writer of erotica and horror. She lives in lancashire with her husband and two boys. She's broke but hopes one day to be earning a living from her writing.

Skye Knizley:
Skye Knizley currently lives in Connecticut, USA, a small state of confusion where she spends most of her time writing urban fantasy and role-playing game adventures. When she isn't setting quill to parchment Skye can be found hiking with her Siberian Husky Piper and her spirit guide Sheba, camping in a variety of state parks, motorcycling, ghost hunting or practicing and studying the healing arts of Wicca. Which doesn't mean she dances naked under a full moon… as far as you know. Besides, you need a stone circle for that and they knocked the last one down to build a six-lane bypass.

Rue Volley:
Rue Volley resides on earth with her partner in crime, Von Erik and their two pugs, Mobacca and Oshi Wan Kenobi. She is a descendant of the Blackfoot Indians and is very proud of her heritage. She is a bestselling author with over 30 books published with Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly publishing, Hot Ink Press and Vamptasy Publishing. She writes YA, adult fiction and hardcore erotic. Her writing style has been described as a perfect blend of Tarantino and David Lynch. It is action packed, extremely twisted and full of perfected characters that jump right off of the page. Rue is a leading advocate for the Arts as she has been for almost 20 years now, hosting a Radio Station and magazine dedicated to Indie Artists and helping them get more exposure. She also plays guitar and violin and will sing occasionally if you can bribe her with chocolate.
A. McEwan:
Author Ada McEwan resides in the Midwest with her Scottish husband, Red, two teens and an armful of rescued fur kids. She is no stranger to the literary world and had several award winning poems published before she was in high school and wrote her first full length novel by the time she was twelve. Even at the age, she was fascinated with magic and the Teutonic ways. She wove Pagan rituals and traditions into her stories that would later tag her as that Goth Girl.

Today Ada writes erotica under her pen name, A. McEwan and her first novella in her series “Confessions Of A Small Town Librarian” was released October 18th, 2013 by Hot Ink Press. Other works published by her is her short, “The Inheritance” that was in “Bella Morte” the debut anthology for Hot Ink Press in August of 2012 and a poem “Demon Within” was included in “Darkest Desires” that was released in October of 2012.

Ada has many writing projects going, a paranormal series called Raven Hollow is currently in the works, her “baby” she dubs it as her main character walks the earth ridding the world of evil while struggling with the fate of being the devil’s daughter. She is currently writing a historical romance based off her family history and her hometown.

Ada has been working on preserving her hometown’s history while serving the public as a librarian where she focuses a lot of her time on specialized teen services and fundraising. In her spare time she advocates for animal rescues and recently was able to have breed specific legislation taken out of her city ordinances and start a spay and neuter program for the feral cat population. While denying that she is an animal whisperer or angel, she claims to just “see the world through their eyes.” 

Shyla Colt:
Shyla Colt is a Sound and Lighting Engineer turned Stay-At-Home Mom with two main passions, music and the written word. Her stories are a blend of the paranormal laced with humor, passion, and a “je ne se qua” that she’d like to call all her own.

Married to her marine, she currently resides in sunny California where she allows her characters to tell her their stories while feeding her music addiction and raising her wild child. She credits John Hughes, Marvel comics, punk music and the first paranormal romance novel she picked up at thirteen for creating the unique muse that drives her.


Jackie McMahon:

Jackie McMahon is a writer of erotic fantasy fiction stories. She is a stay at home mom who lives in Queens, New York with her fiance and three beautiful and crazy kids. When Jackie is off from mommy duty, she spends every free chance she can get reading books of her favorite erotic authors. After sometime, she embarked into writing which found a way to put her over active imagination to work. She may look young and innocent but is far from that when it comes to writing.

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