Friday, April 17, 2015

Release Day Review: Snag & Bag (Skylar Wolf Mysteries #4) by Mariana Thorn

Hello Lovelies!!!
Today is special - not just because it's Friday, but because my friend Mariana Thorn is releasing her next book in her awesome Skylar Wolf Mystery series. It's another series of hers that I absolutely adore!!
She has a release party later tonight on Facebook, make sure to drop by (LINK HERE)
Mariana really made me laugh, and with my hubby currently in Romania, my youngest sick with a fever and my oldest with a hole in his tooth, I needed a good laugh. *Smiles*
Run by her pages and wish her a happy release day from me!!!

Oh, how I love Mariana and her Skylar Wolf Mystery series!

As always it’s filled with fun, quirkiness, snark and.. well, everything that makes Skylar, Skylar.

This time Skylar and her cousin Levi have accepted a case for Aiden’s best friend; Bryce. Something’s fishy about the case and Bryce can’t go into it himself, which is why he’s asking for Skylars help.

4 women have been killed, four blue eyed, blond women. All young, all pretty. Aiden doesn’t like that Skylar is taking the case, and he sure as hell lets her know it. Knowing Skylar, you can imagine her response. *grins*

It is now up to Skylar to dive into the case, straighten up the mess and figure out who the real killer is – before the killer goes after her and those she cares about.

Snag & Bag is a fast paced short story that will leave you wanting more. I am in love with this series, despite the seriousness of the topics in her books, Mariana always manages to make me laugh. Skylar is a person you would look after twice just because of her quirky personality, maybe even someone you would dismiss as being partly insane. But don’t judge her. She’s smarter than most, she just have an attitude to back it up. I bet some women would wish that they’re just like her, to be free that way.

I know I adore her, and I love this series. Remember to check out the previous books before reading Snag & Bag since they have to be read in order.

Skylar's next adventure!

Skylar’s in over her head…

This time it begins with a visit from Aiden’s lawyer friend Bryce. He has a case for Skylar. It’s a special one. He thinks the guy he is prosecuting is innocent. He wants Skylar to find the real killer. Of course she agrees. It would be fun, she thinks.

With Levi in tow she sets off on the investigation. Everything is confusing, nothing seems right. Then the unthinkable happens and they end up in a tight situation. Skylar must use all her skills to get her and Levi out of trouble this time. Will her snarky attitude make things worse?

If you look in the local coffee shop or bookstore you might just find Mariana Thorn. She can usually be found with headphones in and deep into the worlds she has created. There is this thing about her pens if you touch them you might receive a smack to the hand and the well-known glare of destruction. Besides writing, Mariana enjoys reading, photography, and playing with her dog. She lives in Western Washington, but loves to travel to Florida to sit on the beach to write.

She is the author of Fantasy and Mystery stories. She currently has two titles in her Fur, Fangs, and Fairies series. There are three short stories available in her Skylar Wolfe Mysteries. There are many more books and series to come.

You can find Mariana online here:

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