Thursday, September 12, 2013

Short Book Review: Inner Demons by Ann Snizek

This book has a bit of a story built in before it was written. Let me share it with you, before I tell you my thoughts of Inner Demons.

I stumbled over an author’s series last year. Her second book was about to be published, and the blurb intrigued me, so I wanted to read the first one before diving head first into the second. I’m still happy I did that, will never regret it. We started talking about this and that, and soon became good friends. Earlier this year, Ann (the author, and my friend) was holding a FB party, and I was invited (yay – lucky me!), we had a great deal of fun, right up until I got a different kind of Ping on my computer. It was a private message from Ann, asking me for help. She had forgotten something very, very important, and she had to dash from the computer. If I could be persuaded to finish the rest of the event?

My initial thought was: o.O Stunned silence. I was awed, honored and a GREAT deal of scared. (alright, I MIGHT have looked a little like Daffy Duck... maybe...) Never having worked with blogger before, I had about 30 min before Ann had to run, so I went in, feet first, hoping for the best.

You can relax. Everyone survived. Including me, even though I stayed up till 2am, and had worked the entire day at the post office. :-)

Not giving it a second thought, I continued on the day after, and when I was closing in on my afternoon, I got a surprise from Ann. She gave me a link,  told me to get my ass over there, fill out the form and leave the rest to her.

So I did. Wondering what the hell I got myself into.

Then suddenly, a couple of weeks ago, Ann messaged me letting me know she was done. Since life has a way of throwing things in my way, I didn’t get a chance to read it until recently.

I have heard about the Short Books before, from Ann, but didn’t really know what to expect. So, let me tell you a little about the book, starting with the blurb:

Ani Bass just wants to enjoy a nice vacation on the beach. Her peaceful time away proves to be anything but peaceful when she discovers the house next door is possessed. But will the demons in the abandoned beach house be her biggest concern?

Ani is on vacation when she hears screams from the neighbor’s house – and of course she calls the police. When they arrive, the elderly officer, pretty much claims she’s nuts and leaves. The younger officer, however, comes back a little later, claiming the screams Ani can hear is from real, full-blooded Demons. Well, as you can imagine, this doesn’t exactly makes Ani more secure, and she’s not all that sure she should follow Ben (the younger officer), but what choice does she have? If what he says is true, then her live is in danger. But is the fact that demons are real, the only truth that will be revealed that night? Because some things one can not change – demon or not.

Inner Demons were made for me (as I mentioned earlier), and to tell you the truth; Ann nailed it perfectly. I loved every page in this book. The story held me captive, and (damn her) ended waaayyy too soon. :-D

I loved the twist Ann did with the story. I won’t tell you what it is, since it would ruin the story, but it was VERY well made. Ying and Yang. Opposites really do attract – and that’s ALL I’m saying! The story flows easily, is exciting to read and MOST enjoyable! And though I still wanted it to be longer, at least I know I can get a continuation, since Ann recently launched the option of making your short book into a series. (I hope my friends and husband gets the BIG hint here!!!)

Just to tell you a small secret; if you didn’t think had a naughty side to her – think again. This book shows that she can be very naughty indeed!! ;-)

Here in the end, I want to give Ann a BIG hug and a huge shout of THANK YOU!!! Ann, thank you for creating this book for me, it made me smile, and I truly enjoyed reading it! NOVO YOU!!!!
About Ann Snizek:
Originally from Vermont -- and after a childhood of relocating -- Ann Snizek finally settled in southern Virginia with her family. She is actively involved with literacy in her community through tutoring and facilitation of a local writing club, which is also interactive online through Facebook.
Ann writes Young Adult Sci-Fi & Fantasy.
Where to stalk find Ann:

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