Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Cover reveal: Lady of Resources by Shelley Adina

Something entirely amazing dropped into my inbox this Monday. Well, two things actually, but THAT is something else entirely, and something you will have to wait for! :-D
This however... THIS I can share!!! Ladies (and gentlemen), I have in my hands..... The cover for Lady of Resources!!!

A Lady of Resources is the fifth book in Shelley's Magnificent Devices series, and several people have been involved in this; Claudia from Phatpuppy Art (you REALLY need to go and see her work!!! It is freaking amazing!), Kalen O'Donnell, who redesigned the Magnificent Devices covers, and Anthony over at One-Button Mouse who created the author font.
 Lizzie's book is set to be released on October 4 - I can NOT wait!!! :-D

Sooo... without further delay, here's the beauty! Tell you a secret? I have all of Shelley's Magnificent Devices books in print. Each of them. Sure, I could own them on kindle, but seriously, with covers like these? They're BEGGING to be in print! :-D
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  1. Wow a nice cover!
    I am looking forward to read this series!