Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Book Review: Dead Game by Claire Kinton

Blurb: With guardian angels, a cursed centaur and mythical saints, Lance Corporal Archie Fletcher battles his way through Transit, discovering an underwater world of ancient secrets and brawling with wild lions, enraged charioteers and venomous plants. With the Moon’s trickery endangering his sanity and a three headed dragon that never sleeps blocking his path, Dead Game is no easy feat. The fantasy will whisk you away to a parallel world confirming the knowing deep within us all that the adventure of life must go on.

Archie Fletcher has always been a bit of a Daredevil. Never giving up without a fight. So why should it be any different when he dies? Archie dies on a mission as a soldier, going down with his plane. When he wakes up, he finds himself floating in the sea, the sun talking to him. Naturally Archie thinks he’s seeing illusions, everything is a dream, and soon he will wake up in a hospital. But life isn’t always the way you want it to be, and Archie soon realizes, he’s in Transit- the place between earth and the Beyond. But Archie proves to be harder to get across the bridge, to the Beyond, more so than everyone was hoping.

It sure doesn’t help that the Moon is playing tricks with his mind, a centaur forcing him to battle against a wild lion, poisonous plants, underwater worlds, stars coming to life and guiding you, imagination running wild, creating everything possible – and impossible. And a three-headed dragon protecting the Golden bridge…. Well… I’m just scratching the surface here.

The characters are well built; Archie Fletcher, the little daredevil in the family. Always up to no good, but good hearted, strong-willed and doesn’t take no for an answer. Just…. Don’t let his imagination run rampant. It can be… fatal.

Felicity (or Hope), Archie’s spiritual guide in Transit. She’s under lock and key by the Moon (or so the Moon would like to think), but this little Star has more than a few tricks up her sleeve, and isn’t afraid of using them. Her job is to make sure Archie gets over that Bridge. Or is it? Hope has her own secrets – the question is, will they be revealed before it’s too late?

Emrys is a cursed centaur and has been living in Transit for many, many years. Acceptance of his world, his place in it, has made him stay where he is, not seeking toward the bridge to come home. Will Archie and Emrys remember who Emrys was before coming to Transit, and will Emrys finally go against it all and claim his rightful place?

These are just a few of the persons we meet in Dead Game, and each and everyone is fascinating, exciting and brings something special and unique to the story.

I truly enjoyed reading Dead Game, for several reasons. Claire has created a story who not only will keep you captured for hours, but also touches a subject that many of us are afraid of (or don’t like to think too much about); what happens when we die? Dead Game will leave you wondering, not only about Transit (the In Between), but also about soul mates, the road our souls needs to travel to reach our destination, and how powerful our minds, our imaginations really can be.  
Want to know more about Claire? Interview's coming up!!! :-D
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