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Review: A Medium Rare ( The Secret Connection Collection Book 4) by Sinead MacDughlas

Have you read Parting Burden by Sinead yet?
If you have then you will definitely recognize many of the persons in A Medium Rare, especially Cat. If you haven’t, then  welcome to an amazing world. And no. You don’t have to read Parting Burden first to enjoy A Medium Rare, although it does give you something extra to know Cat beforehand. Just saying.

Anyways…. In Parting Burden, Cat leaves for a while to help a friend, when she comes home, she’s changed, but refuses to talk about it. When Beth shows up in Pouring over Books (the bookstore that Cat and Melissa owns together), the story is about to be told. I wish I could tell you it’s a story filled with flowers, sunshine and beauty…. But it isn’t. Not really. The beauty is still there in Sinead’s writing, but it’s filled with ghosts, revenge, hatred, sorrow, pain, courage and hope. Cat is a very special woman, I already knew that when I met her in Parting Burden, but A Medium Rare just cemented that.

If you believe in ghosts/spirits, demons… that there are more on this Earth than what we can explain by science, this book will get to you. In a good and bad way. Some of the things that happens in this book is explained so vividly by Sinead it makes my skin crawl and my heart hurt. I was biting my nails and gasping out loud from time to time. The end really made me shudder. Wow. Talk about leaving it open. *looks over shoulder*

Another thing I really liked it that one character was very recognizable to me; from her name to her personality… Perfect fit. I love it when I get to see some of my favorite authors and good friends in a book. That was also something I greatly admired in Parting Burden when Mel and Cat started filling out the bookshelves; I know pretty much everyone  there. :-) THAT isn’t something you see very often, and I love it.

Beth Green came to Bassvilla, Ontario to clear Ash House for demolition. Nearly two years ago, her sister died there, in one of the most mysterious and gruesome mass murders in recent history.
The townspeople say the Bassvilla Butcher still haunts the house, lying in wait for the next soul to devour.
Can Cat Shuler, hedge witch and medium, get to the bottom of the rumours and stories, or will the house fall without giving up its secrets?

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