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Author Take Over: R.A. Sears, author of Lunacy (FREE today)

It's Wednesday, which means it's Author Take Over, and this week, I've got R.A Sears visiting! Please welcome her to my blog, and make sure to drop by her pages to show her some love!!

What an Indie Author’s Day Really Looks Like, a guest post from R.A. Sears
Hello, everyone! I’m R.A Sears, and I write primarily paranormal fiction. I’ve released the first two installments of my Ragnarok Legacy series, centered around werewolves and Norse tales. “Lunacy” and “No Bite” are both available for only 99¢! I’ve also written a few erotic shorts. I’ve got a ton of works still in progress that I won’t even get in to. The lovely Sabina asked me to do a takeover, so consider yourselves conquered!
Many people think that an indie author, and especially one lucky enough to be a stay at home mom, spends all their time penning glorious worlds with words that flow from an incessant well of inspiration. Maybe some indies like this do exist out there. This lady doesn’t happen to be one of them. In fact, I’m under major time-crunch right now, as I have a book I’m trying to get the first draft down for by the end of October. Why the urgency? My second son will be born in the middle of November, meaning I’ll have two children under age two. As one would expect, that means any free time will be shaved in half, if not into even smaller portions.
To give you a little insight into how crazy it can be to even hammer out 500 words a day, much less my rarely met goal of 2-3000 words, here’s what my average day looks like. And this isn’t a “poor me” thing. It’s to show you that “I don’t have time” really isn’t a valid excuse. You can still churn out quality work, even with as little as 10-15 minutes devoted to writing daily.
Any time between 5 and 7 a.m.: wake up, sometimes to shrieking 1.5 year old toddler. (This may come after as little as three consecutive hours of sleep…) Change diaper, head downstairs to get child snack, drink, and start breakfast. Get coffee brewing (the most important meal of the day). Feed cat and dog while cooking breakfast.
8 a.m.: Feed child and self, and sometimes husband. Make sure he has lunch and coffee to go. Spend five minutes with toddler waving bye-bye to husband at the front window, until his car pulls away. Change diaper if needed, refill toddler’s cup, guzzle coffee.
9 a.m.: Engage in various activities with child while checking social media notifications. Building with Mega Blocks and reading him the same story no less than three times in a row are common (some of his favorites are “Barnyard Dance” by Sandra Boynton and those tiny little Baby Einstein block books.)
10 a.m.: Ni Hao, Kai-Lan. Who would have thought a tiny Chinese girl would be the only television an 18 month old would be interested in watching? He’s really only interested when they have a song going, but it keeps him relatively happy for the better part of an hour.
11 a.m.: Fill cup of milk, read toddler the same 2-3 books he’s been having for bedtime for the last 6 months, rock for a few minutes, deposit child into bed. Creep from room and hope he stays down for his customary two hours.
Walk dog (which takes 15-45 minutes) and take out trash. Come back inside, inhale some lunch, catch a shower if I’m lucky, write for 15-30 minutes. (“Write” translates to: stare at blank page, and browse through Pinterest for most of the time.)
1 p.m.: The Monster awakens. Sometimes he’s a sweet monster, other times… Not so much.
Change diaper, bring downstairs for snack and drink refilling. Run around picking up toddler toys, and generally keeping him busy.
2 p.m.: Repeat the last hour, but with lunch thrown in.
3 p.m.: Take toddler outside for a walk and to play, regardless of weather. (If I try to stop him due to rain, he’ll insistently bring me his shoes and try to unlock the front door.)
4 p.m.: Wrestle toddler back indoors, soothe crying fit, start dinner prep and/or wash dishes.
5 p.m.: Toddler starts peeking periodically out front window, looking for husband’s car while querying, “Da-da?” Attempt to finish dinner prep so everything’s ready by six.
6 p.m.: Eat dinner with toddler, and occasionally without husband.
7 p.m.: Husband is usually home by now, and takes over toddler care with happy squeals to administer munchkin washing. Now is when I usually get any remaining dishes finished.
8 p.m.: Attempt to write. Usually give up after half an hour and do something with my hands, like knit or crochet. Watch a movie/TV show, or the husband playing video games.
11 p.m.: Urge to write is maddening, but sleep is calling. Retire to bed and hammer out a hundred words or so on the word processor on my smart phone, and call it a day.
So, as you can see, the life of an indie author comes in many shapes, some of them boring and mostly filled with child-rearing. I miss my younger days when I could just sit for hours, cloistered in the computer room with no one save my characters and I. Maybe when the kids are in school, I’ll be able to again. In the meantime, I plan to have “Sanguinarium” the full second novel in the Ragnarok Legacy out in late 2015. I also have a few other things I’m trying to complete so I can put them out within the next year. But, to give you all hope, it can still be done, even when your schedule is already packed!
Today on Amazon, you can grab “Lunacy”, the start of my bestselling series for FREE! You can pick it up any old day if you’re a member of Kindle Unlimited, but for anyone who isn’t, snag it now! And you can pick up the novella sequel “No Bite” for just 99¢!

Lunacy: FREE! (8/13/14 only)
No Bite: 99¢

R.A. Sears has a cinematic writing style, heavy on the eclectic and strange. A lover of words, she took classes like anatomy and physiology in college--along with criminalistics--to better her craft. Her interest in mythology shines through in her prose, as well as her background in urban fantasy and the paranormal. A protector of all furry creatures and a NY native, she now lives in Maryland with her black cat Nergal, and a dog rescued from Afghanistan who goes by the name Renegade. She shares her space and time with her loving, supportive husband and her firecracker one year old son.

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