Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Author Take Over #1 with Sonya Loveday: This you didn't kow about her!!

Well my Friends, today is full of surprises. I have the wonderful Cover Reveal for Cameo Renae's new book Tethered Wings for you in the previous post, then there's this one - 10 things you might not know about Sonya Loveday (I'm sure Candace know though lol), and then.... the next post, releasing after this one.... I have something Very exclusive for you, something nobody has seen before. According to Sonya, I am the ONLY one who has this. *grins like a maniac* Caught your attention? Good. Stay tuned, or when you're done reading all these nice little things about Sonya, move on to the next post ;-)
So... Let's start with the official author bio about Sonya, shall we?

Sonya Loveday, first and foremost is a reader, an avid one. It is of that love that brought her to the realization that this was the answer to the nagging persistent feeling that ‘there’s got to be something more’. The dream came alive in 2009 when she purchased her laptop and began the tedious step of becoming a published author. When she’s not reading, she’s writing. When she’s not writing, she’s reading. And when she’s not doing either of those things she’s sleeping, shuttling her children back and forth to school, letting the dogs and cats in and out of the house for the umpteenth time in the last hour and dreaming of a clean house.

Now.... Now, you know the official version, and where to stalk her, let's see what Sonya want us to know *smiles*

So now you know how to bribe Sonya as well - lol

As you know, Spelled is being released March 31. Let me tell you about the book. My review will come on March 31. Enjoy!!!
Oh, and don't forget to check out the next post!!!!
Releasing Elinor from the spell book was only the beginning for Jade.

When a surprise visit from Lorenzo sets off a downward spiral of events, Jade’s ripped from the confines of Edge’s home and plunged into the madness of the Triad.

Confused by the turn of events, Jade is only sure of four things:

My name is Jade Kinsley.
I’m 20 years old.
I’m an Enforcer for the Triad.
And I have a debt to settle with Original Coven.

Will Jade be able to break through the spell her Grandfather put on her and remember who she is, or will she become just another piece in Lorenzo’s game?


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