Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Author Take Over: Ann Snizek, author of Tunuftols Series and Short Books (GIVEAWAY!)

First, thank you SOOO much Sabina for inviting me to your amazing blog!  You continue to do so many great things and I know that I’m not the only author that appreciates what you do for us and how wonderful you are! Novo you!

Since this is a “take over”, I’ll jump right into what I wanted to share.

Today I’d like to share a product line that I’ve created called ShortBooks by Snow Flower.  Sabina has received one, Inner Demons, and written her review for it on her blog here.

ShortBooks are unique, personalized, original books written and published based on a simple questionnaire of interests.  These books are based on the interests of each recipient and sent out in a short time-frame.

Each book is lovingly written and includes a special dedication.  The entire process is included: the story from scratch to publishing, cover art, interior design and formatting, dedication, and both an ebook copy and print copy shipped in as little as 4 weeks from ordering!!!

I’m having LOTS of fun creating these books, and from the reviews, people seem to be enjoying their books they receive.  They make great gifts and can be written for ANY occasion and just about ANY interest!

In addition, the stories can be continued.  So, you can read more about the characters that you fell in love with in the first book.

What could be better for that person who loves to read, but you don’t know which books they already have?  Or what about those that have a hard time finding books that they like?

As a special offer and thanks to Sabina for allowing me to do this take-over, I’d like to offer a giveaway. This is open internationally.  So, enter and share with the Rafflecopter below!
About Ann Snizek:

Originally from Vermont, Ann now lives in Virginia with her family (those still at home). With a blended family of seven kids spreading out around the country, there has never been a dull moment. Ann's childhood was spent moving around a lot. Now settled, she is a home-schooling mom.
Ann has a love of books from childhood and continues to nurture that love in our children and now grandchildren -- always nurturing their imaginations. Along with publishing several books, Ann is active in the community, fighting illiteracy, with the founding and facilitating of a Creative Writing Club and volunteer tutoring at the Adult Learning Center.

Struggling with disabilities of her own, she tries not to overdo things... not always listening to her own advice. Her dry, sarcastic, and often corny wit finds its way into her writing. She pulls from life's experiences, both hers and others, for inspiration... always sharing, growing, and learning.

You can find Ann here: