Sunday, August 25, 2013

Short Story Review: Ill-Conceived Magic by R.L. Naquin

What do you do when a baby is left on your doorstep? Normally, you would call the Police. That’s not an option for Zoey Donovan. Zoey is an Aegis, the protector and caretaker of the Hidden (magical creatures), and the baby sitting on her doorstep is definitely not human. Unless human babies started having sage skin and olive hair, complete with goat legs and two tiny horns . So, what to do?

The hunt is on for the little baby girls parents. Only when you’re trying to locate a beautiful little mixed girl parents, when both parties Family hates each other….  You’re into more trouble than planned for.

This is a sweet and cute little short story set in the world of the Monster Haven Series, right after Monster in My Closet. We see Zoey and Maurice wander off on their own little adventure, trying to find the parents to the little girl found on Zoey’s doorstep. But it isn’t as easy as one would think. The dryads will not accept her and the Satyrs… well, they’re being Satyrns.  I’m still having nightmares about the chase in the woods!! O_O I totally blame you Rachel!

I enjoyed Ill-conceived Magic. It’s a beautiful tale about love and what it can overcome… and transmonsterification. :-)  It gives us a few surprises, and it fits perfectly into the rest of the series.

Did I mention it’s free? No? Ups. (looks innocent)

Well it is. You can find it here:

 ENJOY! I know I did.

Want to know more about Fairies in My Fireplace, the third book in the Monster Haven Series? Then come by tomorrow for my review!

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