Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Author Take Over: Petronela Ungureanu - Guestpost


Are these Real Fairies?

Please welcome our newly wed Petronela Ungureanu! As she's been QUITE busy with her wedding, we talked and I found this article from her blog that I wanted to share with you. If you ant to see the entire post with all the beautiful pictures, please visit her blog;

One of the reasons I wake up every day is magic. When I say magic I include here fairies, elves, pixies, goblins, and mostly all the mythical creatures we find so often in Germanic, Irish and Norse mythology. I cannot explain why and how it got to me but yes I am a 33 year old lady who often indulges herself in idle woolgathering about fantasy creatures and mythical realms from far behind the skies.  To my fully astonishment I have recently discovered that Arthur Conan Doyle believed in fairies. Not only he believed in their existence but he actually wrote a book about them called “The coming of the fairies”  (1921). And that is how I found out that there are actual photographs of fairies from the beginning of the 20th century, taken with a Kodak camera of that time by two teenage girls in a little town in England called Cottingley.  Elsie Wright and Frances Griffiths claim to have experienced for several times impressing encounters with small shiny creatures whom they immediately befriended and engaged together in beautiful child games. real fairies, cottingley fairies Since the photographs caused quite a stir at the time they were subjected to complete and professional examinations by the Kodak technicians who apparently couldn’t find anything wrong with them declaring the pictures “genuine”.  Well I am not a lunatic, I am very interested in theosophy, but these pictures are a bit disappointing. I mean the fairies seem quite fetchy considering they lived beside a stream in the back of a garden; they have chic hairstyles and long fancy garments with flashy accessories. My opinion is that, if they really exist, they should look a lot better than some second hand hookers.

About Petronela:
I love elves, fairies and writing about them. I have just published my very first short story on Amazon and I am deliriously happy :). It is called "Lost in the Seven Worlds" and it is a magical romance :).


  1. What an honor to be here :)...It was lovely to be part of your magic Sabina :)