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Book Review: Immortal Eyes by Dama Blythe

I was given Immortal Eyes as a gift from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Shalyn Trent is on the run from a violent past, and is finally ready to settle down in a small town in the Appalachian mountain. She has bought herself a house, hoping to turn it into a home. In her effort to clean the house up, bring life back into it, she finds two different books when cleaning out the attic. One is in a language she doesn’t understand, the other appears to be a journal, written in French. A journal that spins a tale of magic, beauty, love and despair. A tale so ensnaring that Shalyn falls for the voice, the story and begins to believe in the magic of love again.  

Slowly Shalyn opens up to the little town, makes new friends, finds a job, and you can see how she is beginning to blossom. But have the spring come to soon? Will the harsh, cold death by winter destroy the frail petals before the world will be able to enjoy their beauty?

Wow. I could sum up the entire book with this single word, but somehow, I don’t think you’re going to be very impressed (or pleased) with me if I do. *smiles*

Alright, alright – patience, please. I need to gather my thoughts!! Immortal Eyes is brilliantly written, and I took my sweet time reading it. Being just short of 200 pages, I would “normally” read this in a day, but somehow… I couldn’t “breeze” through the pages. And this is NOT meant as a bad thing, it is a GOOD thing!!

Immortal Eyes have multiple POV; 5 to be exact. And no, it’s not confusing, but compliments and balance each other perfectly. We have our bruised heroine; Shalyn, the sadistic and cold (but oh, so “charming”) villain, our wonderful hero; Frank, his oldest friend; Zendella, and last (but not least) the journal. I love how Dama jumps between the different POV, supplying new information that you wouldn’t have gotten if it only had been from one POV. I’ll have to admit, the journal was my absolute favorite of the POV. And getting the bad guys POV was interesting. You don’t get that POV often. And in between all this we have the joy of young love from the journal, and the old magical wisdom from Zendella. In my humble opinion, it is a mix that creates the perfect harmony.

I got caught up in the book to the point where I was slowing down my reading to enjoy the book the more. To see how much Shalyn opened up, how she transformed to something so very different compared to the scared, little mouse she was in the beginning – wonderful! Reading about Franks struggles to come to grasp that his dream is close, that his HEA is just in the reach of his fingertips, if he only could make her understand, make her see….

And the icy-cold logic of the villain… I got chills and goosebumps when reading from his POV. Seriously, it is amazing that Dama can switch the way she does, because there’s not a single drop, not a trace of the other caring personalities when you read from Eddie’s (the bad guys) POV.

You know what? I could continue with this for a long time, (because the book IS that great), but here’s the deal; growing up in a family that was/is … uhmm.. dysfunctional, I’ve felt and seen things – just like so many others have too. This book is even more amazing to me, because you get to see exactly how Shalyn reacts when everything starts falling apart – you get every naked emotion, ranging from utter fear, helplessness, to determination. And this is what makes Immortal Eyes even more brilliant for me. To see how Shalyn’s friends band together to help her, protect her is amazing, but it’s even more amazing, even more beautiful, is to see Shalyn get back up, rise from the dust and fight back with everything she got. That is strength and love, and it is breathtaking to witness. Dama showed us that love truly can win over anything.

The story is simple and beautiful, and made brilliant by Dama’s unique and amazing writing style. If you haven’t read Immortal Eyes yet, or heard of this amazing adventure *gasps*, I recommend it. I truly enjoyed every page, from the beginning to the very end.
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